Friday, July 25, 2008

L ...

We always hear that it is a good thing to keep learning new things. As we get older it's good to stimulate our minds, so go ahead and try that new lace pattern that looks a little difficult or take a class to learn a new skill. It's also important to exercise your body so maybe you want to learn a new sport. Recently, my daughter inspired me to relearn a skill - something I had done when I was younger but never very successfully.

That's a picture of my daughter since I can't take a picture of myself, but it's true - I am taking horseback riding lessons. I have taken two lessons so far - one on my own and one with my daughter. I think we will continue to take the lessons together - it's a bit cheaper and my daughter loves the idea of us doing this together.

I have never felt in control when I've been on a horse. When I would go on trail rides with my dad, I would get the horse that decided he wanted to go waist high into the lake to get a drink of water. Now is that the fault of the horse or the rider? Or maybe a combination of both. So, I decided to take some lessons and see what happens. It's a lot more work than I remember.

One other benefit - it seems to be great exercise for my legs since I can really feel it the next day. Either that or I am really out of shape which is a possibility too. So go ahead - learn something new. It may turn out to be just what you were looking for!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Contest Winners

Apologies once again for the unexpected absence. Once we got the hard drive replaced on the computer, we discovered that some of the software was missing so off went the computer again. Hopefully this is it for now and we won't have anymore problems.

My daughter has picked winners for the last contest. She had a hard time narrowing them down and finally settled on 4 winners which was more than I originally told her to have but that's ok. So, here they are (in no particular order):

1. Elaine from Knitting
2. Turtle from turtles lake knitting
3. Bronwyn from Knitting:Impossible
4. Blogless in NJ

Congratulations to all! Please email me at hoyerln at msn dot com and let me know your preferences - what you like to knit, colors you like. I'm not making any promises but I'd like to give you something you will use and love. Oh and be sure to include your address. I will be gone next week so I won't be getting back to anyone until after the 14th.

Thanks to everyone for playing along.