Sunday, October 29, 2006

My Rhinebeck Post

I can't believe it's been a week since Rhinebeck. It seems like yesterday we were enjoying the beautiful day. I didn't get to spend as much time as I would have liked with fellow knitters although I did see some friends and meet some new ones - mainly due to the fact that we were staying at the same hotel as many others. Thank goodness for that because it was the only way I saw several people.

My daughter and I took the trip together and we really had a great time. I let her choose what she wanted to do with the result being that we spent a lot of time in the pool and instead of going out to dinner with friends, we ordered room service and watched a movie. I know that all too soon she won't want to spend time with me - friends will take up more of her time than mom or she will just want to be doing her own things instead of traveling to a sheep and wool festival with me. So I will take advantage of the time we have together because I know that it will go by all too fast.

So this weekend I laughed a lot with my daughter, we shopped, and took in some of the sites of Rhinebeck.

After watching the success of others, I have been drawn back to my spindles. I confess that I did buy a new one at the Journeywheel booth. This is my new 25 gram Canarywood spindle with some luscious roving I bought at the Spirit Trail booth.

Jen showed me this blend of 50% baby camel and 50% tussah silk and I was in love. The hardest part was choosing one of her beautiful hand dyed colors. It is so soft and the fibers are so easy to work with.

I also did some shopping for the blogiversary giveaway. We did stand in the line at The Fold, although I think that is what did my daughter in. Here I offer a skein of STR in Rhode Island Red that will be given to one lucky winner. Other prizes will also be given away. I'm thinking one a week over the next few weeks. Remember, you too can win. Just leave a comment before the end of October and your name will be entered.

When we returned home after the wonderful weekend, my Knitters Tea Swap package was waiting for me. A great big thank you to Frances and I will be showing pictures later this week.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Our Day at The Farm

We are very lucky to have this organic farm so close by. Last week I went as a chaperone on a field trip to this farm with my daughter's class. They have goats, sheep, cows, emu, llamas, chickens and turkeys. This is also the place where I pick up my organic vegetables each week. Unfortunately, that will be coming to an end soon.

The first thing the children get to do is feed the animals. Do you think the animals know this?

I believe they have Jacob sheep. The owner told me they raise the sheep for their fleece and we started discussing a program that the local farmers have started to make blankets out of the local wool. She, the owner, is also interested in learning how to spin so I told her to get in touch with me. Maybe I can find some inexpensive spindles at Rhinebeck to get her started.

Then we get to go on a hay ride through the fields to the barn where there are more animals.
The llamas are used as guard animals for the goats and they really do a good job keeping those goats in line. We got to see them in action. I believe those are Belted Galway cows in the background. I find it easier to remember their other name - Oreo Cookie cows. I also got a view of the Thanksgiving turkeys (all the animals are also organic). After this, we got back into the hay ride and rode to the pumpkin patch where each child got to pick a pumpkin. It was really a fun morning.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Take Some Time

The past two weeks have been pretty crazy. I'm in the process of learning a new job with the added headache of having no technical background in the things I am trying to learn. I have been feeling like that chicken - you know the one that runs around without the benefit of a head. I must rememebr how important it is to take the time to smell the roses and enjoy the beautiful things along the way.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

What A Wonderful Sight!

Can you guess what this picture means? I'm almost done with the Diamond Fantasy Shawl. I just have to cast off with some I-cord edging and then it will be blocking time. So exciting!! And as you can see, I use whatever I have around for stitch markers - bits of yarn included.

I also liked the idea of socks and beer for Socktoberfest. We went to NJ this weekend and Dad obliged by picking up a 6-pack.

My daughter's scarf is hanging out at the edge of this picture (lots of ends for me to weave in - maybe I'll need another drink for that task :)). We are knitting the scarf together - taking turns and are a little over half way done. The sock is the Central Air pattern that was included in the last STR Club package in Apple Valley Rd. STR. I need to decide soon if I will continue the pattern on the foot. I usually like a plain stockinette foot - it just feels better inside my shoe. These will be a gift (for someone that has never had handmade socks) so I'm still up in the air. Any ideas??

I also ran into Modern Yarn while I was away. Shannon Okey was there on Sunday and I wanted to see if her new book was available. Unfortunately she only had one copy but told me I could order from her site and still get an autographed copy. I just flipped through it quickly but it looks great and has some nice patterns in it.

And in some catch up news, I received my last package from my One Skein pal a few weeks ago. A beautiful skein of Cherry Tree Hill (perfect for Socktoberfest) and a great bag. I've been thinking about making some of these bags - even have some patterns and the yarn. Now I have one for me! Thanks to Nic for some wonderful new fiber and a new bag.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

75% and Still Knitting

For those who may be interested, that’s how much is done on my DFS. No new pictures – just imagine it bigger than it was before. I am becoming quite comfortable with the pattern – now, I can actually fix a mistake whereas when I first started, I’d freak out and look at the stitches like they were a foreign object. But I’m not here to talk of shawls, but of socks.

Yes, it’s Socktoberfest! Thinking about socks has brought up a topic that has been discussed before in blogland – trends. How does a certain pattern take on epic proportions and have everyone wanting to knit it? Or how does a yarn become so famous that everyone must have it? I’d like to bring up the possibility of starting a new trend and before I reveal exactly what it is, I’d like to lay some groundwork. This notion is not going to be new to people and I’m sure others have thought of it. The idea actually was brought up in the very popular Harry Potter books. It has to do with Dobby (the house elf) and his fascination with clothing (specifically socks). And not matching socks, but instead two different socks. Think how useful this would be for those who suffer from SSS (Second Sock Syndrome for those unfamiliar with sock knitting – the apathy that follows the completion of one sock when faced with the task of knitting the same thing again). Why has the idea of wearing two different socks never taken off? Yes, I realize that some sock yarns come in a skein that has enough to knit the requisite two socks. But maybe you could share that yarn with a friend. I know that there must be a lot of single socks lying around just wishing they could get out and see the world instead of being doomed to stay in that basket of UFOs.

So what do you think? Should we start a new trend? I’ll do my part. Instead of working on a match for either of these

I cast on for a new sock.

The Central Air pattern from the last installment of the STR Club in Apple Valley Rd STR.

And, if anyone missed this from the last post, I realized that last October was the start of my blogging career. There should be some sort of contest to honor that event. So, for every comment you leave during the month of October, your name will be entered into a drawing (prizes to be determined and yes, each comment you leave will get you an entry). I’m sure there will be something from Rhinebeck offered up. Have fun.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Yeah, that's me - frustrated. I have a post all written, but it needs pictures and Blogger won't let me post any. I've been trying for two days now. I'll keep trying but will post the last part of the post here - it doesn't need any pictures.

I realized that last October was the start of my blogging career. There should be some sort of contest to honor that event. So, every comment that is left during the month of October will be entered in a drawing (prizes to be determined and yes, each comment you leave will get you an entry). I’m sure there will be something from Rhinebeck offered up. Have fun.