Friday, February 06, 2009

It's Vest Time

Time flies when you are knitting a sweater a month. Yes, knitting is taking up a good deal of time. When it is time to sit and chill, the knitting comes out. I'm even coming up with strategies so that there won't be any down time with the current sweater. For example, usually I would wait and block all of the sweater pieces together. With my Central Park no Hoodie, I decided I could block the fronts and back while I am knitting the sleeves. This way, when the sleeves are blocking, I can sew up the shoulders and work on the collar and buttonbands. Clever thinking, huh!! Frank Gilbreth would be proud. Coincidentally, the Gilbreth family lived in the town where I grew up - the house they owned was 2 blocks away from my family's house. The story goes that you could actually see the marks on the wood floor where the children rollerskated in the house.
I promised pictures of my first finished knit for NaKniSweMoDo and here are the classic bathroom mirror shots. I've already worn the vest several times since I finished it last week. I'd say it is a hit.

Of course, I can't help thinking about what sweaters/yarn may be coming in 2009. Margene has been singing the praises of Beaverslide for quite a while and I finally decided to order some sample color cards so that I can make an educated choice. I've heard such great things about this yarn and I can definitely see some in my future.