Friday, August 25, 2006

Another Catch Up Post

More traveling this week - we took a few days and visited Storyland in North Conway, NH. It's a great smaller amusement park for the younger kids and is very family oriented. We went with a good friend and her two kids and had a great time. As I've mentioned before, I always bring a small project to work on when I go to places like this. There is always some prime knitting time while we are waiting in lines and on this trip, I had my Sock Hop sock along for the ride. Usually people just stare and point and maybe whisper (in a good way) - very rarely do they say anything directly to me. But this time several people asked me about what I was working on and thought it was cool. I was really hoping to bump into a fellow knitter so I could show off the awesome Sock Hop yarn - but that didn't happen. I kept thinking that it would have been neat to bump into Cate and her kids since I think I read that she has brought them to Storyland in the past. Anyway, it was a great couple of days away.

In my last post I mentioned that I am a Summer of Stash dropout. I also told Margene that I must also declare myself a Trekking dropout. That Sock Hop yarn just muscled the Trekking sock right out of my knitting bag. It is wonderful to work with and the fact that it is handspun still thrills me! I really need to practice on my Crown Mountain Farms roving so I can make socks with my handspun.

There was a wonderful box waiting for me when I returned from NJ. MY KSKS package! My pal was Rebecca from Bellamoden. From the quick bits of reading I've been able to do on her blog, I see that she has had a really tough summer so I'd like to give her a big hug and thanks for taking the time to put together a wonderful swap package. I hope she had a great pal who spoiled her as much as she did me! Check this out.

A beautiful felted bag with a great flower pin attached to the front. Koigu in the most beautiful shades of autumn. Fall is my most favorite season and these skeins look just like a huge pile of leaves - the kind you can't resist jumping into. Needles and a pattern (Railroad Rib socks) that I can't wait to try. I think I may order this pattern for my Yarn Aboard sock pal since she knits her socks in a heavier weight yarn and this pattern has the instructions for fingering, sport and worsted weight yarns. Sugar and Cream cotton - also in wonderful fall shades, a cute giraffe stamp and Tootsie Rolls (which my daughter is trying to convince me must be for her). Thank you Rebecca for taking the time to make this so special - especially when I know this hasn't been an easy summer for you!

I leave you with a picture of The Point. Unfortunately I totally spaced out and didn't take any pictures at Purl. Oh, and go over wish Sandy a Happy Birthday!

Sunday, August 20, 2006


There was some knitting related activities during my recent day in New York City. But the day started out with a ride on a ferris wheel. Did you know there is an indoor ferris wheel in midtown Manhattan? It's in the Toys R Us store in Times Square and as soon as my daughter saw it, of course we had to go for a ride. And after the ride, we had to look through the huge toy store. Then we walked over to 5th Avenue stopping at various street vendors along the way. The destination was the American Girl Place which may have been a bad choice on my part since I had no intention of buying my daughter an American Girl doll. Lunch at the cafe was considered but I knew neither one of us would eat $22 worth of food so that wasn't really an option. But she had it set in her mind that we had to go there, so we did. And we looked. We, or rather I, watched people spending ALOT of money. And I did have to say no rather often. I actually do own one of the dolls and am considering passing it on to my daughter once I see that she can take good care of it. With this in mind, I let her pick out an outfit.

Then it was getting time for lunch so I offered her a choice - the cafe at The Point or lunch at Macy's. The answer was the knitting cafe so off we set to take the subway down to The Point. I had checked on the Internet and read that, in addition to desserts, the cafe also served sandwiches, soups and quiche. So, I was rather disappointed when we got there and found out that they only serve desserts. Lunch ended up being a cupcake and a piece of coffee cake along with iced coffee and water. Oh well. But we did enjoy looking around and we picked out some yarn for a hat and scarf for my daughter. And I found a great "I (heart) to knit" t-shirt. Since we were downtown, I figured we may as well head on over to Purl. It was wonderful. Let me just say that I've wanted to see Koigu Kersti ever since I saw the child's sweater pattern in Last Minute Knitted Gifts which is made out of that yarn. And Purl has Koigu Kersti. And now I have the materials for my daughter's winter sweater. 'Nuff said. Purl also has some Lorna's Laces sock yarn dyed just for them - each skein is 2 colors. White and a solid that stripe. The sample they had looked great. Purl has a lot of yarn in a small space and I would definitely like to come back again. And also spend more time in their fabric store which is a few shops away from the yarn store. I took a quick peek inside and saw beautiful colors, but we needed to head on back to midtown.

I flagged down a cab (my first time actually doing that myself) and we headed on up to Macy's for some lunch and clothes shopping. We got back to my parents house around dinner time, exhausted but happy. During my visit to my parents house, I also visited Modern Yarn and Stix-n-Stitches so I think this means that I am a Summer of Stash dropout. But I had fun and my daughter picked out some yarn so she can make herself a scarf. We are taking turns knitting the rows and already have about 8 inches finished.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Postcard Swap

I received a great purple package in the mail. It was from Jane, my postcard pal. Check out this beautiful purple collage card and bookmark. I'm already using the bookmark in Wendy Knits to keep my place at the sock pattern I'm working on. Jane used pictures of gorgeous flowers for the collage. And sticky note papers "from the Queen" (how did you know, Jane). And chocolate - which I am not sharing!

But this is the absolute best thing. Check this out!

A sock blocker keyring (pattern included!). Of course I had to take the sock off.

This is the BEST!!! I love everything. Jane, thank you so much for making my day. And everyone should go over to her site and check out the cute baby hat and socks she made from STR.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I Can Get Some Satisfaction

After ripping out two socks, I really wasn't feeling it for the sock knitting. In fact, I felt like I had lost my sock mojo. That was originally going to be the title for this post - Lost: Sock Mojo. Then I received some really special yarn (and it had to be for socks). I wanted to try something other than my usual cuff down, flap heel sock so I searched through my books and pulled out Wendy Knits! with her toe up sock pattern. And this weekend, by the shores of the lake at the Maple Park Campgrounds, I started this:

I think I've found my sock knitting mojo once again (hope I haven't jinxed myself with that statement). In case you couldn't tell from the title of the post, this is Satisfaction Sock Hop yarn from Crown Mountain Farms. I can't explain the feelings I had when I first held this yarn in my hands - definitely more than a little bit of awe and a feeling of kinship with the person that had spun this yarn. Knitting with this yarn is just awesome - it's so soft and springy. It's hard to find the words to describe the joy I am feeling when I use this yarn. I guess you need to try it for yourself!!

My spinning has been hampered by the humid weather we've been having. Last week, I would sit down to spin and would end up dripping sweat within a few minutes - not pleasant!! I did manage to spin a little bit of the Sock Hop roving and it looks like I need to try and spin a little bit finer.

I'm averaging about 13-14 wpi and I'd like to get somewhere around 15-17 wpi. Hopefully this week will be a bit less humid and I'll find some time to try again.

I also managed to get my KSKS gift out before we went camping.

Two skeins of Claudia's Handpaints, a bag of Amy's fiber for socks (my pal is also a spinner and has an awesome spindle collection), the bag and a notions case filled with needles, a crochet hook, an orange Chibi set, a great holder for keeping your project secure on double pointeds, and a emory board (because I hate having a nail that snags on my yarn). I also included chocolate and some hand cream along with two patterns - one I bought for her and one free one. My pal was Lara from Spinny Bunt Knits (but don't tell her as she may not have received the package yet). It should be arriving sometime this week and I hope she likes it.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Just Pictures

Here are the pictures that wouldn't load yesterday. First the wonderful gift from Ina. Isn't that a great tomato!! And I love the colors of the roving. Thanks again.

And here's a shot of the bag and the notions case for my KSKS pal.

My finished BFL.

And the new roving that is now on the wheel - The Beat Goes On.

This roving is really fun to spin and I'll show my sample when it's done. Unfortunately, it's supposed to be VERY hot this week so I'm not sure how much spinning will actually take place. Try to stay cool!