Monday, July 30, 2007


One thing that can definitely make you feel better is a get together with your grrlfriends. Throw in some good food, cosmopolitans and knitting (or whatever craft you wish) and it's guaranteed to be a great time. I had to start a new sock - the above combination called for a mindless stockinette, although the day after this lunch, I discovered where I had split a stitch and had ended up with an extra stitch, so I ripped out about two inches - so much for mindless.
Here is Bandit showing off my two socks in progress. This heat has really decreased my energy level and there has not been much knitting going on but the cable sock is almost ready for a toe.

One last shot of the grrls. We really need to do this more often!

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Today is my Mom's birthday. Maybe I should say it would have been or it was her birthday, but I will always think of today as her birthday. Mom, I love you and miss you.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Eye Candy For You

Eye candy and mouth candy for me. One thing I am so glad I did was to plant blueberry bushes when we moved into the house. It's great to be able to step out into the backyard and pick fresh blueberries.
Enjoy your weekend!

Monday, July 16, 2007

A Gift Tutorial

I meant to write this at the end of the school year to show the last minute gifts I made for my daughter's teachers, but since these gifts would be appropriate for many others besides teachers, I'm giving it to you now. I needed something nice and easy and this is what I came up with:

1. Order some wonderful soap from here. When you open the package, you will be amazed at the awesome smells and the beautiful soaps. Make sure you order some for yourself, because it will be hard to give them all away.

2. Go through your stash and find some cotton appropriate for washcloths.

3. Knit up a washcloth. I chose the Mason Dixon Washcloth from Mason Dixon Knitting.

4. Thread a ribbon through the eyelets and place the soap inside.

5. Wrap the gift in tissue and present to the deserving recipient.

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Promised Monkey Photo

Here are the finished Monkeys. I usually do a plain foot because I feel it fits better inside my shoe, but I decided to continue the pattern down the foot. I haven't tried the new socks with shoes yet - it's way too hot so it will probably be a while. But I do love the way they look and feel on my feet.

The new pair of socks is a little farther along than these pictures show - I just turned the heel on the first one, but I thought I'd show the pictures of the new sock enjoying the beach. Nice waves (not too huge and just right to play in) and beautiful sand. The new sock is the Cable Rib sock from Favorite Socks and the yarn is Candy Apple Sleeping Dragon yarn.
I did join the Tour de Fleece but somehow totally forgot I'd be away for the start and I wasn't prepared. But now that I am home I am hoping to finish up the fiber that is on my wheel - some Border Leicester that I am not all that fond of for some reason. But I still need to just finish it up and go on to something more fun!
Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, July 06, 2007

11 Days!!

Well, it's a new record for me although I know that there are many out there that routinely make a pair of socks in this amount of time or less. 11 days to finish my Monkey socks - I'm really happy with them. I'm writing this from someone else's computer so there are no pictures but I promise I will share them when I can.

As soon as I finished the Monkeys, I cast on for another pair of socks - Cable Rib socks from Favorite Socks in Candy Apple Sleeping Dragon yarn. It's taken me a while to decide if I like the pattern/yarn combination. I do seem to have a hard time keeping track of when to do the cable. I finally put in a marker on the row where I make the cable so that it is a bit easier to know where to make the next cable. This new sock has been photographed already - it travelled by ferry to Fire Island and sat on the beach looking at the ocean. Fire Island is a really nice place and I loved the fact that cars are not allowed from April to October. The beach was really beautiful. The next day it travelled into New York City to see the American Ballet Theatre performance of Cinderella at Lincoln Center. Today it may go horseback riding, but there is a better chance that it just may watch. I hope everyone is enjoying their Summer of Socks - I know I am!