Friday, September 25, 2009

A Photographic Update

Where does the time go? Maybe I can show you some pictures of things we did over the summer? Are you ready!

We visited a beautiful penthouse in New York City and watched the sunset over the Hudson River.

Looking the other way, we could see the Empire State Building.

We met some great dogs! These Border Collies are amazing - they play ball, they herd children and are great fun to play with.

We went to horse camp and made horse cookies to share with our fellow campers.

We went on vacation to Florida and stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel - by the way, they have a great pool.
We went upside down on scary rides.

This was probably one of my favorite things.

Hanging out with the dolphins at Sea World. We got to feed them, learn a little bit about how they are trained and even try some training signals ourselves. It was great fun!

Oh, and sweaters 8, 9 and 10 are done. Wanna see...

Details forthcoming. Now please tell me - where did September go?