Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Red Scarf Done!

I followed Cassie's advice from this post. When I first read it, I could really relate to everything she was saying as I was feeling pulled in all directions by the projects I was working on and the ones I wanted to work on. A few stitches on one and then a few stitches on another don't amount to much - especially if you want to actually finish something.
So, I pushed those other projects aside and worked solely on my red scarf - since that really has a deadline. It wasn't easy - some of those other projects tried to get me to look at them but I was strong. And now the red scarf is done. The yarn was from the stash and the pattern is the enjoyable rib. And it was pretty enjoyable and easy to remember (and fix if you mess up).
If anyone else would like to guess where the picture in the last post was taken, please do. There may be a skein of yarn in it for you if you are the lucky winner. And Lauren, if you see this, please contact me. You won the other monkey package but I don't know how to contact you and will have to pick another winner if I don't hear from you soon. Well, I'm off to work on the next project that pushes it's way to the front.


Leah said...

Pretty scarf! I'm such a selfish knitter. It would be hard for me to give that up!

Carrie K said...

Cassie is clearly suffering delusions. No one can resist the siren song of new projects. Can they?

The scarf looks really pretty!

Norma said...

That is really great! Is it possible that the dates are wrong on your last two posts? They are saying way back in September, but they have just barely appeared in my Bloglines. Love that "Norma" guy. I'm dying to know where that is!