Monday, November 19, 2007

Go Forth and Knit Mittens

It's time again for Knit Unto Others and I've decided to make mittens. It'll be a great way to use some of my handspun that I'm not sure what to do with and some leftovers from other projects. Small mittens don't take a lot of yarn.
I started out using this pattern (without the stripe). That's the yellowish/pinkish mittens you see in the picture. The fiber is the wool blend from Amy and I think the name was something like Strawberry Lemonade. I had used this fiber to practice my Navajo plying.
Then I switched to the book by Ann Budd that you see in the picture. It's great when you want to just use some yarn you have in your stash. You simply find your gauge, decide what size you want to make and follow the charts in the book. Very easy and versatile. I'm now using the other yarn in the picture and I must admit that I did not enjoy this fiber as I was spinning it. It is slightly scratchy and as I started the mitten, I wondered how I could make the mitten feel softer. Then I remembered that, as a spinner, I have plenty of soft fiber in my stash and I could thrum the mittens. So, I pulled out some leftover Corriedale that I had used for my Diamond Fantasy Shawl and started adding it to the mitten. Much softer and much warmer!!


Carole Knits said...

I thought using my handspun would be a good idea for mittens, too, but I got frustrated trying to find a pattern that fit my gauge. The Ann Budd books tends to make HUGE mittens, I think. But I'm glad you're having good luck with it.

Leah said...

What a lovely idea! I'm always kind of at a loss as to what to do with my handspun (though it does look pretty as stash yarn)!

Margene said...

Thanks for joining us! Mittens should work up quickly and it's a great idea to use handspun!