Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Red Scarf Done!

I followed Cassie's advice from this post. When I first read it, I could really relate to everything she was saying as I was feeling pulled in all directions by the projects I was working on and the ones I wanted to work on. A few stitches on one and then a few stitches on another don't amount to much - especially if you want to actually finish something.
So, I pushed those other projects aside and worked solely on my red scarf - since that really has a deadline. It wasn't easy - some of those other projects tried to get me to look at them but I was strong. And now the red scarf is done. The yarn was from the stash and the pattern is the enjoyable rib. And it was pretty enjoyable and easy to remember (and fix if you mess up).
If anyone else would like to guess where the picture in the last post was taken, please do. There may be a skein of yarn in it for you if you are the lucky winner. And Lauren, if you see this, please contact me. You won the other monkey package but I don't know how to contact you and will have to pick another winner if I don't hear from you soon. Well, I'm off to work on the next project that pushes it's way to the front.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

For Norma and Red Scarves

This picture was taken on one of our trips this summer and as soon as I saw the name, I knew I had to take a picture for Norma. I had been thinking about taking my red scarf to work on that day but decided on the sock since it was smaller and easier to carry around. So this is for Norma - with a sock instead of a red scarf. If you think you know where this is, leave a comment and I'll put all the correct answers in the pot for some yarn. And here's a hint - this is an elf.

Speaking of red scarves, I received a nice email from the Orphan Foundation thanking me for a donation to the Red Scarf Fund for Foster Youth. Don't know what I'm talking about? You can read about it here. And maybe make a donation too. Or you can knit a red scarf - here is the information that was in my email:

Scarves can be sent between now and October 15th, 2007 to:

Orphan Foundation of America

The Red Scarf Project

21351 Gentry Drive, Suite 130

Sterling, VA 20166

This information was also included in the emails:

Please tell your friends and colleagues to visit The Red Scarf Project Page for details, guidelines, and a host of suggested scarf patterns. Because of the overwhelming response to last year's program, we are asking participants to limit their submissions to a maximum of five scarves per donor.
So, what are you waiting for - go knit a red scarf for a good cause! I'm working on mine.
On a different note, Karen's package is just about ready to be mailed out from the last contest, but I have not heard back from Lauren. Lauren, if you see this, please get in touch or if anyone knows Lauren, please let her know or let me know how to contact her. Once again Blogger has left me with no way to contact her.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Dreams and Winners

So, I had a knitting dream last night. I was visiting Carole and she loaned me a car so that I could go and check out some yarn shops in the area. The first one I went to was owned by my hairdresser and I saw these beautiful sweaters that had labels on them telling me they were knit with Dale Baby Ull. I'm glad I woke up before I bought anything. Where do these dreams come from anyway??

I came home to 15 comments for the Monkey contest and those names got put into a hat. I decided to pull out two names since I seem to have collected more than a few Monkey items and the winners are

Congratulations to the two winners. I can email Karen, but I don't have Lauren's email or know your blog. Please get in touch. If both of you would like to let me know your color preferences, I can try to match those with some appropriate Monkey yarn in my stash. When I finally get my vacation pictures on the computer, I have another contest in mind so check back. Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend!