Tuesday, June 24, 2008


First of all, apologies for the absence. The hard drive on our computer decided it didn't want to be with us anymore so we have been in repair and replace mode. Hopefully all is well now. And, in the next week we will announce the winner in the contest. My daughter has been having fun going through the comments. But today I will once again play catch up with the ABC Along - I'm up to K.

I chose this to display on my car because it means more to me than just knit 2 together. It also makes me think of the times I've sat and knit with friends. The times I've joined a KAL and there are many other knitters working on the same thing. Or the time when we all joined the Knitting Olympics and cast on for our projects at the same time. Or when we all pull together to help someone in need. Knitting together - and isn't that what it is all about!
And speaking of doing things together, click on over to Claudia's blog and make sure you donate towards her MS ride - it's coming up this weekend and there are prizes involved.


Dove Knits said...

I love this sticker!

KeanaLee said...

I used to have SSK on my car but I truly think my husband took it off and hid it!

Turtle said...

i love your comments on the sticker...so true about the friendships!

Carrie K said...

Great sticker!