Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Can't avoid those health issues

Yesterday I went for blood work and today I went to my doctor to hear my results. For the past few years I have been up and down with my cholesterol numbers – sometimes ok, sometimes not so good. Never great, never really bad – always somewhere in between. Every once in a while the option of medication will be discussed but as I said, the numbers are never bad enough to warrant it and I don’t have any other risk factors so we continue on with other lifestyle changes. Today was supposed to be a sort of deadline – if things didn’t improve we would try medication. So, I was kind of dreading today but also becoming resolved to the idea just in case. I think I almost tried to sabotage the blood work since I really didn’t eat too well this weekend. So, the blood was taken yesterday and I went in today for the results. And the result is … some small improvement (a lower overall number and the LDLs have also lowered) but the numbers are still not great. However, since things went in a good direction, we will once again stick with what I have been doing and I have a stay of execution as far as the medication is involved.

I know that this is a good thing, I really don’t want to be taking medication but I just wish it wasn’t this constant cloud hanging over my head. But I guess it is a lifestyle change and, like weight loss, will not happen overnight so I will continue to watch what I eat and try to increase my exercise (all good things). We recently got a Wii and I added the Wii Fit. I can honestly say that I am having fun with it – about 4 times a week, I set my alarm for 5:50AM and do my aerobics, yoga and strength training. I’m not so good at the balance games but do try those now and then. I take the dog for walks and the doctor suggested adding jump roping to my routine. My daughter will like this as she just did the Jump Rope for Heart at school and came home with 2 new jump ropes. Guess we can jump together.

I’m not planning on running any marathons, but always feel better when I add some exercise to my day. Then I don’t feel guilty about sitting down and knitting everyday – and I definitely feel that knitting is good for my mental and emotional health.

On another health note, Claudia is once again riding as #1 in the MS bike ride. So, head on over to her site and donate - let's keep her team as #1 again. If the good cause is not enough incentive, there are also great prizes to be won!!

Be healthy!!


margene said...

Heading in the right direction is better than good!

JessaLu said...

At least there was an improvement! yay! :o)

Carole Knits said...

I've recently started on this roller coaster myself. I say avoid the medication as long as the numbers are moving in the right direction!

Ina said...

Keep on keeping on!