Monday, February 13, 2006

I've Been Tagged!

Before I invite my guests into my home, I'd like to answer a comment that was left on my last post. Blogger comments don't always provide enough information for me to email someone who leaves a comment (or even visit their blog so I can comment there). So I will reply to Angie here and hopefully she will come back to visit and read the answer.

Angie said...
I love the sweater. What pattern/yarn is it? Also, the Odessa, I'll have to try that.

Angie, the pattern for the sweater is Moriah's Wildflower Sweater from Green Mountain Spinnery and the yarn is their Mountain Mohair. The pattern is very straight forward and easy to memorize.

So, now my guests, please come in. Sandy tagged me for my first ever meme so I took some pictures over the weekend. Between the Knitting Olympics and making Valentines and cookies for my daughter's Valentines party at school, cleaning up was NOT accomplished. But, the coffee pot is brewing and the cookies are made.

Maybe we can sit at the dining room table.

Or maybe not. There seem to be an abundance of mice masquerading as Valentines. But they do have some yummy chocolates attaches to their tails so that slows them down a bit and makes them easier to catch.Oh, there is a free chair if anyone would like to sit down and spin for a bit. I've often thought that this is a very unsociable place for me to spin. I'm pretty much facing a corner but I have windows to look out and the chair is the perfect height. I like it.

Well, maybe we will try out the living room where I like to knit while watching tv. There is a comfy recliner or the couch. Take your pick. We are currently watching The Parent Trap although the Olympics will be coming on also.

Actually one of my favorite places to knit is in bed and there is a huge pile of stuff sitting in the corner. Yarn, needles, projects, books, patterns, you know the stuff. The Walmart bag contains a Barbie doll that my daughter was given for her birthday. Not to get into any heavy discussions here, but I try to avoid shopping at Walmart if I can help it.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed your visit. Please come back anytime. I forgot to take pictures of my fair isle hat. I am really enjoying this - of course, I am only working with two colors so it's not making me too crazy. I do wish I had someone close by who could take a look and let me know if the floats are loose enough. I am getting gauge and the hat seems like it will fit, but the material with the fair isle work does not seem to be lying as flat as stockinette does. So, I'm wondering if my floats are pulling? Or maybe this will be solved with blocking? Any thoughts on this? I will be bringing this hat up to SPA and maybe someone there who has more fair isle experience than I do can take a look at it. Meanwhile I am having fun with it and wondering why I was so nervous to get back into fair isle knitting.

Thanks again to Sandy for tagging me for this meme. It's nice to be asked. Oh, and I guess I'm supposed to tag someone. Most people have probably done this, but I'll tag Risa. So, Risa, if you see this and if you haven't done this yet, consider yourself tagged.


Carole said...

Awesome, Lisa. I love seeing people's spots.

Sandysknitting said...

Ah, thanks for the tour, Lisa! :) There is something I love about seeing people's WORKING homes. Not the spiffed up holiday/company version!

CrazyFiberLady said...

Thanks for the tag. Hmm, now I'll have to some photos. Yarn + fisher price make for an interesting combo ;) Loved the tour of your place!