Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Northward Ho!

We traveled north this past weekend, to Portland Maine for the New England Textile Art's annual SPA weekend. It really was a special time - being surrounded by people that have the same interests that I do. I bet you can imagine the smile on my face when I walked into a hotel with spinning wheels set up all over the lobby. Then of course there was the vendor room which was full of fibery goodness and where my 6 year old was able to try spinning on one of The Merlin Tree's Hitchhiker wheels. Thank you to Kathy and David for taking the time to help her. And to top it off, there was the gallery room where people gathered together spinning, laughing and sharing. I was finally able to meet Carole and Cate who also introduced me to Sharon, Jackie, Holly, Wendy, Stephanie and others whom I apologize to for not remembering names. It was all quite overwhelming. Thank you so much for making me feel welcome! There was also a wonderful fashion show where we saw many beautiful things and afterwards Stephanie gave a talk. A very funny and entertaining talk.

The morning that we left for Maine, I was able to finish my Knitting Olympics project. I am very happy with this hat and am especially glad that I finished it since it was bitterly cold in Maine. Of course, that was just outside since inside the hotel it was all warm and cosy! And I actually got to shake hands with the mistress of ceremonies herself and show her my finished object. How cool is that! I am in love with 2 colored knitting - who would have thought. And now I wonder why I was so hesitant to try it again. I have already started another hat but this time I am going with a provisional cast-on.

This should make for a neater finish when the hem gets attached. And I am even thinking about making Ingeborg. I must have missed this link that Cara provided, but Risa was "kind" enough to provide it again. I will probably change the colors since black is not really my color - maybe a dark brown instead?


Carole said...

Your hat is fabulous! Congrats on finishing. So glad to have met you, too.

mamacate said...

Great to see you too, and I'm sorry for your rapid departure with the little one--I know how that goes. I'm glad you got to finish your key lime martini, though.

Check out woolybuns' blog, you'll recognize a couple of people, I think. :)

I wish we'd had more time--next time for sure.

mamacate said...

Ah, how could I forget--LOVE the hat!

Jackie said...

It was nice meeting you Lisa! Did the pictures I emailed to you make it okay?

Angie said...

I did read your answer to me, thank you, I will investigate that sweater further.