Wednesday, June 07, 2006

KAL Update

Well, I joined the Summer of Stash. The button has been added to the sidebar. I really liked the button with the sunflower, but felt that the sinking ship better represented the whole idea of the growing stash. So, I officially state that I am knitting from the stash this summer. My introduction to SOS is here. I keep telling myself that this is a good thing. For some incentive, I'm going to try and keep a running total of yardage used on the sidebar.

I also broke out the Trekking (color 100 - in the stash) for the Come Trek With Me KAL.

This past Sunday we walked with other 2 and 4 legged creatures.

It was the annual fundraising walk for our local animal shelter. I didn't get to pull out the sock on the walk but had to wait until lunchtime. As you can see, I'm just starting it. Instead of my usual stockinette sock, I'm trying out a simple lace pattern that I saw on Wendy's site.

I'm also working on a project from the Mason Dixon book - the baby bib since I now know of 3 babies that will be here in the next few months. And I have some of this cotton in my stash.

I was going to show a few more things - the beautiful fabric that I received from my May Project Spectrum Postcard Pal and some spinning, but Blogger seems to be choking on pictures so you'll have to wait until next time. Stash Rocks!


Maryann said...

How long are those needles you're using? Do you like them better for socks than the standard size dpn's? Thanks for sharing, and good luck knitting up your stash!

lorinda said...

Can't wait to see your socks!

Annie said...

Love that colorway! Can't wait to see more pics...and start my own darn Trek... :-)

margene said...

Trekking with four legged buddies is always fun. Great stash knitting you've got going there!

Nina said...

Great trek! I will trek and knit this weekend!