Sunday, October 29, 2006

My Rhinebeck Post

I can't believe it's been a week since Rhinebeck. It seems like yesterday we were enjoying the beautiful day. I didn't get to spend as much time as I would have liked with fellow knitters although I did see some friends and meet some new ones - mainly due to the fact that we were staying at the same hotel as many others. Thank goodness for that because it was the only way I saw several people.

My daughter and I took the trip together and we really had a great time. I let her choose what she wanted to do with the result being that we spent a lot of time in the pool and instead of going out to dinner with friends, we ordered room service and watched a movie. I know that all too soon she won't want to spend time with me - friends will take up more of her time than mom or she will just want to be doing her own things instead of traveling to a sheep and wool festival with me. So I will take advantage of the time we have together because I know that it will go by all too fast.

So this weekend I laughed a lot with my daughter, we shopped, and took in some of the sites of Rhinebeck.

After watching the success of others, I have been drawn back to my spindles. I confess that I did buy a new one at the Journeywheel booth. This is my new 25 gram Canarywood spindle with some luscious roving I bought at the Spirit Trail booth.

Jen showed me this blend of 50% baby camel and 50% tussah silk and I was in love. The hardest part was choosing one of her beautiful hand dyed colors. It is so soft and the fibers are so easy to work with.

I also did some shopping for the blogiversary giveaway. We did stand in the line at The Fold, although I think that is what did my daughter in. Here I offer a skein of STR in Rhode Island Red that will be given to one lucky winner. Other prizes will also be given away. I'm thinking one a week over the next few weeks. Remember, you too can win. Just leave a comment before the end of October and your name will be entered.

When we returned home after the wonderful weekend, my Knitters Tea Swap package was waiting for me. A great big thank you to Frances and I will be showing pictures later this week.


Carole said...

I wish we had had more time to visit. Hopefully we will catch up at SPA, if not before. We still have to plan our trip to Sakonnet Purls.
And the Rhode Island Red is a perfect contest giveaway for you!

margene said...

It pleases me so to be the pied piper of the spindle. It's such a fun thing to do when you can't sit at a wheel. It was wonderful to meet you and your darling daughter and you are so right to spend time with her. Sorry I almost obsconded with your sock kit from STR. That just shows you have overwhelmed and overcome I was with all that was happening!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa...I'm leaving a comment even though I get to talk to you every day. :) I love reading your blog and I can't believe it has been a year since you started it. I remember when you were just thinking about doing it. Happy Blogiversary!!

ikkinlala said...

That sheep picture with the straw dangling over its face is too cute - it reminds me of our pigs when they have clean straw to play in.

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Holy cow! (Or should I say "sheep"!) Congrats on your first blog anniversary! Btw, that STR shade of RI Red is "2 Dye 4!" We really MUST go meet at Beadz one weekend!