Thursday, October 12, 2006

What A Wonderful Sight!

Can you guess what this picture means? I'm almost done with the Diamond Fantasy Shawl. I just have to cast off with some I-cord edging and then it will be blocking time. So exciting!! And as you can see, I use whatever I have around for stitch markers - bits of yarn included.

I also liked the idea of socks and beer for Socktoberfest. We went to NJ this weekend and Dad obliged by picking up a 6-pack.

My daughter's scarf is hanging out at the edge of this picture (lots of ends for me to weave in - maybe I'll need another drink for that task :)). We are knitting the scarf together - taking turns and are a little over half way done. The sock is the Central Air pattern that was included in the last STR Club package in Apple Valley Rd. STR. I need to decide soon if I will continue the pattern on the foot. I usually like a plain stockinette foot - it just feels better inside my shoe. These will be a gift (for someone that has never had handmade socks) so I'm still up in the air. Any ideas??

I also ran into Modern Yarn while I was away. Shannon Okey was there on Sunday and I wanted to see if her new book was available. Unfortunately she only had one copy but told me I could order from her site and still get an autographed copy. I just flipped through it quickly but it looks great and has some nice patterns in it.

And in some catch up news, I received my last package from my One Skein pal a few weeks ago. A beautiful skein of Cherry Tree Hill (perfect for Socktoberfest) and a great bag. I've been thinking about making some of these bags - even have some patterns and the yarn. Now I have one for me! Thanks to Nic for some wonderful new fiber and a new bag.


Carole said...

Hooray for a finished DFS. I'm looking forward to seeing it - and you - at Rhinebeck.

CrazyFiberLady said...

Yay for DFS. I look forward to seeing it! On the sock, for a handknit newbie, I'd go with the plain foot. I too prefer a plain stockinette on the foot as texture can be uncomfortable there.

margene said...

So DFS will make the trip to! Love the sock and the pattern looks great in that color (which I have-surprised? LOL).
Go with patterning on the foot. It will impress the recipient. ;-)

amanda said...

You finished DFS in time for Rhinebeck -- yay!

On the socks...I never mind patterning on the foot so I would say stick with the pattern (unless of course you're in a hurry and then go stockinette). And man that beer looks good. Makes me crave a good pizza and a very cold beer. We might just have to go out to dinner tonight :o)

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Am looking forward to seeing DFS. As for Rhinebeck, I have to be a good girl and stay away from fiberous temptations for a bit. I have waaaaay too much in the stash at the moment!

Karen said...

Yay for finishing! I have been ignoring my shawl the past week or so. Shame on me! I can't wait to see it blocking?

Jane said...

Love the sock -- I think pattern on the foot is good, too. I sure hope I get to meet you next week!

Shannon said...

Lovely meeting you, too! here's a link for signed copies, if you so desire... I'm running low but have more on order!


ikkinlala said...

You're making me want a beer now.