Friday, November 03, 2006

The Postman Always Rings Twice

As if Rhinebeck wasn't enough, I had a pleasant surprise when I returned home from the weekend. My KTS package was waiting for me with wonderful goodies inside.

Frances did an excellent job putting my package together. Everything was wrapped up so beautifully and I'm sorry I didn't get a picture. What can I say - I was kind of impatient :). The goodies - a tea strainer to use with some Twinings Gunpowder Green Tea. I've never even heard of Gunpowder tea - sounds potent :)! Then there are three containers of Harney and Sons tea sachets. I bought this brand of tea for my tea swap partner, but have never tried it myself. And of course there are some yummy cookies and chocolate to go along with it. The yarn - a beautiful blue Opal and Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks in Lagoon. I didn't get to visit Nancy's booth at Rhinebeck this year - the colors she produces are always beautiful and this one has to be one of my favorite. I love the shades of greens and blues. And the most coolest thing is that Frances included some of the products that she makes herself - Just Relaxing Green Tea Soap, Natural Aloe and Shea Luxury Cream, and Brown Sugar Face and Body Polish. My daughter and I had to open up the cream right away and try some. It's perfect for when you are knitting because it doesn't leave a greasy feeling - just absorbs nicely into the skin. And for anyone who hasn't tried a sugar polish - they leave your skin amazingly smooth - my daughter has made me promise to share it with her. So, thank you, Frances, for making this swap very special. And the other neat thing is that Frances has some ties to the town where I grew up and we may even get to meet in person.

And yes, the postman did ring twice. Yesterday, I arrived home to find Lewis and Clark on my doorstep. I had been keeping an eye out for one of the explorers for the longest time and when I stopped looking for him - there they were! They came to me via Emmy in VA and were bearing the most wonderful gifts. I had mentioned in the questionnaire that I had always wanted to try Vesper yarn but had never had any luck getting any. The one time I saw some available was when I had just signed up for the Summer of Stash and silly me decided not to order any. And of course I regretted that decision.

Tada - I now own a skein of Vesper in some really fun colors. Looks really summery to me and they will make some fun socks. And some beautiful blue cotton/wool Sockotta. The cutest tape measure (I always need another tape measure since I can never find one when I need one). It's a puppy and the pully thing has a little bone on it. Green Chibis - my favorite, a beautiful notepad and a nice note from Emmy using Cara's notecards. I just love Cara's photos and have bought some of her cards in the past for gifts and for my personal use. I feel so spoiled - thank you Emmy!

Now, I need to find some time to show Lewis and Clark around town before sending them on to the next recipient. This is such a fun swap and big hugs go out to Amanda for setting up all of this.

There has been some knitting going on - mittens, fingerless gloves, a baby sweater, a Clapotis - but I was so intent on taking pictures of the packages that I forgot to take pictures of the knitting. So that will be saved for next time. And the first winner in the blogiversary giveaway will be chosen and will receive the skein of STR in Rhode Island Red. All this coming up in the next installment. See you then!


Carole said...

Looks like you got some great packages! I'm still waiting for my sock Yarn Aboard package to arrive.

margene said...

Oh, I forgot to show Ferdinand around town before sending him off. I felt a little guilty that he sat in the PO for so long.
Your packages look fun and fabulous! Lots of good knitting ahead for you.

Carrie K said...

Nice stuff! I'm sure you'll show Lewis & Clark a good time. It's been fun watching where the explorers pop up.

emmy said...

I am so glad that you liked what Lewis and Clark delivered to you! I have had that Vesper yarn for you ever since the swap started since I didn't know when it would get to me! I have that colorway for myself as well.

sprite said...

What a fun package! I like the puppy tape measure.

Kat said...

Lisa!! You rock, thanks for the amazing package! I will take Lewis and Clark on a little sightseeing excursion before sending him on his way. You LOADED them down with great treasures - I LOVE them. I will post photo's to my blog this weekend. Thanks again!