Saturday, December 02, 2006

Caps For Sale

Maybe I should title this post "Walking the Dog" or "Scooping Up Poop". This dog loves to go for walks. In the beginning I think the backyard was just for going pee and poop but now she likes being outside in the yard - as long as someone is with her. But there has been some knitting going on - mostly involving the Knit Unto Others KAL that has been happening for the last 2 weeks.

The grand total as of today is one red scarf, 4 hats for cihldren and 4 hats for newborns. The grrls at work have also been working on Caps for the Capital and one grrl got her mom involved. At last count, Elaine's mom was up to 18 caps. Wow! What a great woman!! And she's still working on more.

I also finished the baby sweater / hat set for a friend. The yarn is Manos Stria and it's a fun yarn to work with. Definitely one of my favorite cottons.

I am also behind in announcing the winner of the Kool Aid package so here it is -

Congratulations. I'll be in touch to find out where to mail your prize.


Norma said...

Lisa, it's all beautiful. I LOVE the colors you chose for the baby gift. I'm a sucker for out-of-the-ordinary baby clothes colors. Lovely. And bravo for all the KUO stuff.

Carole said...

That's a lot of hats! Good for you and good for the kids who will receive them.

margene said...

You've been knitting up a storm. Nice work and thank you so much for knitting for KUO!