Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Some Random Stuff

Whoops, I keep forgetting to do this so I will do this right now. Check out the story at Cate's. Apparently, some guy is doing some kind of project on how meme's spread. So we are supposed to mention the project and link to it over here. Then we are supposed to go and ping something over here. I think that just lets them know that you have done this. I'm probably the last one to do this, but if you haven't, go ahead. Let's show them what we are capable of.

I'm getting ready to send out some of my Knit Unto Others knitting that I've done over the past 2 weeks. If you are still hesitating about knitting something for charity, check out this post on the Soaring Eagles site. She still needs more hats - or headbands. Remember it must be easy care yarn. I'm going to send out my 3 hats and then see if I can make a headband or 2 before the deadline.

Also, one other resolution for the holiday season. I figure if I say it here then I should remember to follow through. Every year I plan carefully what I will give to everyone - I even have a list in Excel. Then, maybe a week before the holiday, I panic and think I don't have enough. And that's when it gets ugly and I buy stuff just to have more. So, this year I PROMISE that I will NOT do any last minute impulse buying. I will stick to my list and follow through!


Carole said...

I knit a hat for Soaring Eagles last night.

amanda said...

Thanks for the link to Soaring Eagles! I finished one hat and have another almost finished but have been unsure where to send them :o)

Carrie K said...

You know the road to hell is paved with Excel spreadsheets, right? Good luck! You can do it.

Carrie K said...

I got my prize! Thank you! Just wanted to let you know and I'll put up a pic on my blog by the end of the week.