Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Check Out The Pirate Booty

Well, the Yarn Aboard box full of fiber arrived at my house courtesy of Captain Morgan. It came stuffed full of pirate booty (don't laugh - this was in a book I read to my daughter and she thought it was hysterical). He brought some beautiful white wool (maybe I can try some more dying experiments), Good Vibrations superwash merino from Crown Mountain Farms (gee, I better get to work on my CMF The Beat Goes On roving!), a pattern with 6 different scarf patterns, chocolate, a great little project bag, the cutest elephant tape measure, coffee, a notepad, and a beautiful handmade necklace which I'm looking forward to wearing. The Captain had stopped by Cathy's house before visiting here and she sent the most wonderful treasures. Thank you Cathy and thanks again to Amanda for organizing this. And she really does deserve extra thanks for all she has gone through lately with this swap. Hopefully now everything will be smooth sailing.

Unfortunately, I did make the mistake of introducing the Yarn Aboard Captain to the Captain that had already been staying at my home (see picture at the beginning of this post). And then I made the second mistake of leaving them alone together while I went off to sleep - I guess these Captains are used to later hours than I. Well, it was a few days before the Captain was ready to take the new booty onto his next location but I am glad to say that he has left this port and is on his way to the next one. It shouldn't be long - 2 days I was told by the harbormaster. So I wish Captain Morgan smooth sailing.

And for Carrie who asked for some more "puppy" pictures - I leave you with one of a very lazy dog. Maybe she was up late partying with the Captains too??

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Some Random Stuff

Whoops, I keep forgetting to do this so I will do this right now. Check out the story at Cate's. Apparently, some guy is doing some kind of project on how meme's spread. So we are supposed to mention the project and link to it over here. Then we are supposed to go and ping something over here. I think that just lets them know that you have done this. I'm probably the last one to do this, but if you haven't, go ahead. Let's show them what we are capable of.

I'm getting ready to send out some of my Knit Unto Others knitting that I've done over the past 2 weeks. If you are still hesitating about knitting something for charity, check out this post on the Soaring Eagles site. She still needs more hats - or headbands. Remember it must be easy care yarn. I'm going to send out my 3 hats and then see if I can make a headband or 2 before the deadline.

Also, one other resolution for the holiday season. I figure if I say it here then I should remember to follow through. Every year I plan carefully what I will give to everyone - I even have a list in Excel. Then, maybe a week before the holiday, I panic and think I don't have enough. And that's when it gets ugly and I buy stuff just to have more. So, this year I PROMISE that I will NOT do any last minute impulse buying. I will stick to my list and follow through!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Caps For Sale

Maybe I should title this post "Walking the Dog" or "Scooping Up Poop". This dog loves to go for walks. In the beginning I think the backyard was just for going pee and poop but now she likes being outside in the yard - as long as someone is with her. But there has been some knitting going on - mostly involving the Knit Unto Others KAL that has been happening for the last 2 weeks.

The grand total as of today is one red scarf, 4 hats for cihldren and 4 hats for newborns. The grrls at work have also been working on Caps for the Capital and one grrl got her mom involved. At last count, Elaine's mom was up to 18 caps. Wow! What a great woman!! And she's still working on more.

I also finished the baby sweater / hat set for a friend. The yarn is Manos Stria and it's a fun yarn to work with. Definitely one of my favorite cottons.

I am also behind in announcing the winner of the Kool Aid package so here it is -

Congratulations. I'll be in touch to find out where to mail your prize.