Friday, March 23, 2007

I'm not a slacker...

I didn't want Amanda to think I was slacking on my Bloomin' Feet socks. I have been primarily knitting on something else, but have done a little on the socks. We now have one leg ready to turn the heel and one leg which is about 1 inch away from starting the heel. I will be working on these now as my primary knitting project since I am almost done with this.
My Clapotis knit with Brooks Farm yarn that I purchased at Rhinebeck last fall. The knitting is finished but it is taking a while to drop the stitches probably due to the fuzziness of the yarn. This will be wrapped around me for comfort next Saturday during my Mom's memorial service. I haven't decided if I will be able to talk in front of everyone. Last night I was thinking I may just wing it as I can't really think of planning anything.

Thank you to everyone who shared some of their wild and crazy side. I really enjoyed reading all the comments. Some of them reminded me that we do some crazy things for love. I decided that I would choose random winners by simply picking names out of a bag - so the winner of the Spin to Knit book and some spinning fiber is

Carole Knits

The winner of sock yarn is

And Elaine (anonymous) gets to choose the pattern of her choice from knitspot. Elaine, you can check out her catalog here and let me know which one you choose and I will pay for it and have Anne send it directly to you.
I hope everyone enjoyed playing and sharing. My daughter informed me that today is Best Friend Day (not sure where she heard this, but it sounds good). So, take some time and play with your best friend today!


Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

Best Friend Day!! I like that!!!

Lisa, thanks so much for your comment on my blog letting me know that I won your contest!! I am so tickled!! You can email me direct at

Thanks SOO much!! I look forward to your email!!

Carole Knits said...

Hooray for winning! Thanks, Lisa. You are a good friend.

Margene said...

Carole wins everything! LOL I need to get busy on my BF socks!! I HAVE been a slacker.

Anonymous said...

Yeah for me. :) It was a hard choice but I pick the Waterfall sock pattern. I've got some pretty moss green sock yarn that needs a good pattern. Thanks Lisa.

Teyani said...

Congrats to all the winners!
I am so glad that you have a lovely soft shawl to wrap around yourself for your Mom's memorial. It will help. I expect that she will be there in spirit to comfort you too. winging it and just speaking from your heart sounds like a good thing.

your BF socks are looking wonderful - great color!

KeanaLee said...

Nice clapotis, I think I am going to stat mine today, beautiful dog!!!!

Karen said...

Your BF socks are coming along nicely.I'm glad your Clapotis will be finished for you to keep around your shoulders for the memorial service. It looks beautiful.

Take care Lisa!