Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Joy of Reading

We have a typical routine on those Saturday mornings when we are home. My daughter and I head on over to the local Michaels craft store for the craft being done at the Saturday morning Kid's Club. Then we walk over to Barnes and Noble to check out the books and have a snack at the cafe. This is what I picked up yesterday.

I will admit that I don't make as much time to read as I used to. The two books on the right are the latest paperbacks in two series that I have enjoyed. Every once in a while I will check to see if any new books are out by these authors and when I noticed that each series had a new hardcover, I found out that I had missed these two previous ones. They are both murder mysteries - the Sneaky Pie Brown series takes place in Virginia and involves 2 cats and a dog that help to solve crimes. I have a girlfriend who hasn't been able to get into this series - the animals do "talk" to each other - but I find them a light, fun read. The other series by Earlene Fowler takes place in California and has a great female character that is always stumbling onto crimes. Each book has the name of a quilt pattern as the title. I used to do a lot of quilting and was even a member of our local guild.

The book on the left is for my daughter. We read a lot together but it has been a little of a struggle to get her to read on her own. I loved to read when I was younger and would lose myself in my books. I was quite shy and maybe I even used books as a crutch. I used to always bring them to those big family gatherings so I could just plop myself down somewhere and start reading. Some of my favorite were Nancy Drew, the Bobbsey Twins, C.S. Lewis' series of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, The Borrowers - I remember buying books from the Ruth Fielding series when we would stop at flea markets. I hope my daughter finds this same love of reading. She found the first book in this series about the Weather Fairies and has been reading it to me every night. She needs help with some of the words, but I have been so impressed with her ability.

I realized something about myself - I can usually say no to buying toys but most of the time I will always be willing to buy books and crafts.


--Deb said...

My Mom was always willing to buy me books, too . . . little did she realize that they would start taking over the house!

sprite said...

I read books so fast that my parents had to institute a rule at the library -- you can't check out any more than you can carry!

Baycolonyfarm said...

Wow! I've never met anyone else (besides someone who was in their 70's) who read the Bobbsey Twins. I loved their stories, along with Nancy Drew too.
I still loose myself in books.

And I'm like you too; I can say no to toys, but almost always say yes to crafts and books.