Friday, April 25, 2008

Random Thoughts

***Moth Progress - 12 rows to go ***

I'm going to have a row countdown here showing my progress towards the end of my Moth shawl. I am so close. I currently have 12 rows to go to the end but unfortunately have only been averaging a row a day since we returned home after school vacation.

I was able to finish my Monkey socks in STR Dragon Dance and I even wore them yesterday. Very comfortable!

The remainder of this post was written last week when several things were really getting to me. Obviously, I hadn't posted it and was thinking of deleting it but changed my mind. So, here is my random list with a few updates.

1. My Ms. Orangepants sweater is on hold because I am waiting for my Addi Lace needles. I totally believe that one should support their LYS but I ordered the needles over 5 weeks ago and the store has still not actually placed the order. When I went in 2 weeks ago week to ask about them, I was told that they have been putting the order off and when the woman looked at the list, she seemed quite surprised that there were so many people waiting for their needles. Silently to myself, I wondered how many of those people may have already gotten their needles from somewhere else. I've considered it, but have held off since I do have plenty of other things to work on. When I first asked about the needles I was told that they are placing orders all the time - guess that wasn't really true. I realize that the store has a difficult time competing with the quickness of placing an order over the Internet, but I would hope that there would be some understanding that the customer might not wait too long for something they can get easily somewhere else.

2. What is it with people that always want more from you? I'm not talking about telemarketers and such but about the people you deal with in everyday life - they could be people you work with or even family. It has been happening more and more to me lately - when I give the time I can to someone and instead of saying thank you, they ask for more. I don't know if I am getting less patient or what but it is really starting to get to me. Unfortunately, I end up taking my frustrations out on people that don't deserve it instead of the people that do! Who knows, maybe people think I'm selfish too. I'm sure those people don't think they are and I can't go into more details since I am not quite sure who may read this. Don't worry, it's not you :)!

3. I took my daughter and one of her friends to see Nim's Island last weekend. It was a fun movie and I am now quite attracted to the idea of living on a deserted island (see #2 above).

I hope everyone has a great weekend and I am leaving you with a picture of one of the things we saw when we visited the Museum of Science last week.

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Ina said...

Hey, it's not just two-year-olds that say, NO! So put on those Dragon Dance socks and ROAR!! Or move to that desert island, where it would seem even the butterflies have frozen drinks.