Friday, May 02, 2008

Eye Candy Friday

We also saw a 3-D movie when we went to the Museum of Science. Although my favorite was the IMAX Omni movie about the Swiss Alps. What beautiful scenery!
Tonight we go to the circus with the Brownie troop. The girls are very excited. Obviously, I'm not making it to Maryland this year but I wish everyone that goes a great time and good weather. I will, however, be attending this event in a few weeks. It's nice having a festival close to home.
Have a great weekend!
***** 5 rows to go on Moth *****


Carrie K said...

Five rows! Awesome!

3-D and me don't mix, alas.

Ina said...

I wonder if 3D works if one lacks color vision. No wonder the dog looks resigned.

Can't wait to see Moth!