Friday, May 09, 2008

I is for ...

I was planning on using ice cream for my I post but there has a little too much ice cream around here lately.

When I took my daughter to the zoo a few weeks ago for Scouting Day, I learned a little something about identification bracelets. For the everyday person who visits the zoo once in a while, it may be difficult to tell one African Dog from another.

Yes, we can see some identifying differences - certain spots or size - but we don't work with these animals everyday and haven't learned enough about them to tell them apart. Basically one elephant can easily look like another.

But wait, what is that with the penguins.

Can you see around this one's flipper?

Was there some sort of make it take it craft at the last penguin party? I hadn't realized that the penguins were into beaded jewelry. Look, there's another one in different colors.

The zoo staff has put these identification bracelets on the penguins to help us identify each individual penguin. Pretty cool! They have a poster which shows each bracelet design and the name of the penguin it belongs to. I was sure I had taken a picture of that but I guess not (bad blogger!).

Beading - it's not just for the bling!


Leah said...

Creative post, Lisa. Good job!

Ina said...

Penguin bling?!? Just the thing to enliven black tie and tails, I suppose.

Carrie K said...

Beading, not just for people! Penquin bling. Lol, Ina.

Your shawls are gorgeous! How far have you gotten on Seraphim?