Friday, December 05, 2008

A Public Safety Announcement

We interrupt this blog for a public service announcement. The knitter known only as knittingbythesea seems to have lost her mind. Sources wishing to remain anonymous have revealed that someone calling herself “knittingbythesea” has joined the group known as NaKniSweMoDo (Ravelry link - see *Note below). There are currently over 100 members of this extremist group and each member is planning on knitting 12 adult sized sweaters in 2009. It is not known if there is some sort of Kool-Aid concoction being circulated or if it is the fumes of the yarn itself that is giving these knitters the strength to accomplish this task. Many of the members have talked of using “stash” and working on “WIPS” as part of their plan for 2009.

The pictured button is one of the groups identifying characteristics. If you see someone displaying this symbol, please consider them armed and possibly dangerous. This has been a public safety announcement.
*Note: For those individuals that would like to find out more about this group and do not have access to Ravelry, you can check out this link for more information.


Carole Knits said...

You're all nuts.

Margene said...

You can do it!!

Donna said...

I commend you on your goal! I keep thinking that if I wasn't such a large woman that I might have attempted this..... maybe not!

Good luck. You can do it!

Ina said...

Whee! This is going to be great, I just know it.

Miss L's Craft Room said...

Since you probably don't need 12 new sweaters for yourself, I graciously volunteer myself as a recipient of a "Lisa" sweater. I'll be available on Monday for measurement taking. :)