Saturday, January 17, 2009

Who's being selfish?

I once knew a woman who would make up a slogan for the year depending on what it was she wanted to accomplish for that time. For example, I remember one year where her resolution was to to clean things out and declutter, so the slogan was "Out the door in 2004.".
As I started this year of 12 sweaters, I began to wonder if I was going to feel like this was a selfish goal. After all, I will totally admit that these sweaters are probably going to be all for me. I will make sweaters for my daughter and I did make sweaters for my mom and a vest for my dad but when I look at the work involved and the way people like things to fit just so - well, the bottom line is that I'm planning on knitting the sweaters for me and I'm sticking with that. Yes, this could change but right now I'm going with the premise that they are all for me. So, selfish? Maybe.
But I have begun to realize that there is time for little things while I am knitting those sweaters. So yesterday I picked up this hat for my daughter and now am almost done. She designed this hat - drew me a picture with color requirements and all. We still need to decide on the color of the pompom, but it's almost done.

Oh, and the orange and green were Mission Falls superwash wool from the stash. Shopping from the stash is definitely another goal for this year. So there is time to knit things for others although the next few small things that I'd like to knit - Toasty and a Forest Canopy Cowl - well, there are kind of both for me.

Oh, and the saying I came up with for the year - yeah, well that sounds a bit selfish too.

It's all mine in 2009.

Happy Knitting!


Carrie K said...

I absolutely love that slogan and am going to adopt it.

And twelve sweaters knit for yourself is not a terrible thing in the first place! Oh, the misplaced guilt we bear. ;)

Carole Knits said...

Your slogan is perfect! And I don't think it's selfish to knit for yourself. It's your time and effort, you should absolutely reap the benefits!

Karen said...

Ha! I like that slogan and I say...good for you!

Ina said...

"All mine in 2009" - I love it and I'm adopting it for my own.

Nice hat - the colors are lovely.