Thursday, January 08, 2009

My NaKniSweMoDo Progress

I promised pictures and here are some of my 2009 sweaters in progress. First up is the completed back of my Central Park No Hoodie. I finished the back this past Tuesday and started one of the fronts last night. I'm still loving the Peace Fleece. And the color. And the pattern - really it's a win-win-win proposition all the way!

This next picture is the back of my Noro Striped vest. This picture was taken yesterday morning and last night I finished up the back.

This is my mindless knitting since I do need to keep track of the rows on my CPNH so that I know when to make the cable. I also can say that I am definitely having fun with this - I should hope so since we are only 8 days into 2009. There's still a long stretch to go. Well, I wish I could say it's back to knitting for me but first I must get through the daily grind. I need to talk to some people at work about a new job - wish me luck!


Carole Knits said...

Both projects are great but I do really love that vest.

Karen said...

Wow, both of your projects are really moving along! I really like the color of Peace Fleece you are using.

Good luck with the new job!