Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Random Wednesday

I've never tried this random thing. May as well try something new.

1. We have been playing a lot of Uno these days. And not just any Uno - Disney Princes Uno. It's fun.

2. Saturday we participated in this. Picked up a lot of cigarette pieces, plastics, glass, bottle caps, fishing line, a broken snorkel, a paintbrush and other miscellaneous crap. I'm sorry but you have to be some kind of idiot to just throw your trash into the ocean or on the beach. Can't people find a friggin' trash can or take the stuff with them???

3. I wasn't sure we were going to do the beach cleanup since it was supposed to be a rainy weekend. It ended up being beautiful! I want a job where I can say something that may or may not happen and still get paid whether I am right or not. Apologies to any weather forecasters who may be reading this, but come on. What a job!

4. I wish I could say that I've been busy knitting and spinning. Alas this is not so. I have been getting some grief lately on the amount of time that I spend knitting. My daughter hit the proverbial nail on the head when she said - "But Mommy, knitting makes you joyful". Yes indeed it does and needless to say, I have been quite grumpy lately. I wish everyone realized the truthfulness of the above statement.

5. Using the shawl progress calculator (link is on the sidebar), I am 30% done with my DFS shawl. Knitting with my handspun is awesome and I am still loving this pattern! But the question still looms - will it be done for Rhinebeck? For anyone that hasn't tried this shawl calculator - it's really cool. It didn't look like much until I put in the one piece of information it asks for. Then, voila, the percentage information appears.

6. Carole sent this link - what a good friend!!! I am also lusting after Handmaiden Sea Silk if anyone knows of any good suppliers of that particular fiber.

7. Risa found an Automat in NYC. I used to love going to the Automat with my parents and was just lamenting the fact that they were all closed.

8. By the way, Risa is not the last one to knit Clapotis. It has been on my list for a while and I even have some yarn I'm considering from the stash. I'm just not sure it is soft and cuddly enough. This may be the year I succumb to Brooks Farm yarn at Rhinebeck.

9. You know, I like the idea of being organized and sometimes make a feeble attempt at being organized. I even got to take the Franklin Covey training through work. I loved it - making all those lists. There's nothing more satisfying than crossing something off of that list! I haven't been so successful at this. A friend sent me this chart and in my current state, it describes me perfectly, but unfortunately Blogger (once again) won't let me post the picture. It's a pie chart with the largest section saying "Time I spend looking for things I had a minute ago".


Carla said...

I bought it at Stitches midwest from Yarns by Design in Neenah WI 1888-559-2767

Carole said...

I'm not sure the shawl calculator is a good idea. Perhaps it's best not to know how much is left.

Spinny Bunt said...

I can get the seasilk for you up here. What color would you like?

mamacate said...

So glad you're feeling randomly!

Knitting makes you joyful! I love that. Have you seen the book "Knitting Nell?" We just got it (after I saw it referenced on somoen's blog). It's a picture book but more for young readers than for 4-year-olds. Ellie loves it.

Oh yeah. I just cast on for a relapse of the clap myself. I knit it before, but I'm knitting behind right with ya.

PS: Been having a heck of a time trying to post this...

amanda said...

I love lists! And I usually have more than one going. But like knitting, they make me a very happy camper!

The Automat is cool! I remember seeing one in an old movie when I was a kid and was fascinated.

Carrie K said...

I like Random Wednesdays because most of my posting is random anyway.

That pie chart sounds great. Bad Blogger.

Aww. What a sweet thing for your daughter to say/notice!

Spinneret said...

An Automat in NYC? Where?
Sea Silk in NYC, Downtown Yarns (they just left a message on my voice mail - it's back in) and Knitty City.