Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Some Knitting - No Pictures

Yes, there has been some knitting going on during the past few weeks. We have been taking a few trips over the past couple of weeks, taking advantage of the free time before school starts again. You've heard about the NJ/NY trip and the NH trip. Last week we traveled down to Williamsburg. The first two days we had a fun, although soggy, time at Busch Gardens. My daughter loves rollercoasters and was so excited to be able to go on her first upside down rollercoaster. You know, the ones that do a loop so you go upside down. We went on that one quite a few times. The third day we were either going to go to Colonial Williamsburg or to Water Country, but Tropical Storm Ernesto had other plans. The day was mostly spent in our hotel which was without power although we did drive around a bit just to get out. It was a shame that nothing was open since I discovered a nice looking yarn shop, a bead store, a needlepoint store and some other cute shops nearby to our hotel. But, I did get some knitting done. Although Blogger is beong uncooperative again so it looks like there will be no pictures.

I started the Diamond Fantasy Shawl using my handspun from some Grafton Fibers batts that I bought last year from Rhinebeck. I'm learning that I should have maybe plied these with a bit more twist since it is sometimes like knitting with two separate strands. And last night I think I knit one row too many and ended up making a mistake which resulted in a dropped stitch when I unknit that section. I don't think it's too bad and will look at it today after I've had some coffee. Added later - I'm semi back on track with the shawl. I say semi since there is a small mistake which I'm not sure how to correct. So, I'm asking anyone who may read this - do you use lifelines in your lace work? What makes you decide to use them if you do?

The other project that I have been working on is for my daughter. There are tons of patterns out there for babies and toddlers and then, on the opposite end, adults. But I have not found quite as many patterns for the older children so when I come across a book I like, I buy it. I picked up this book one of the last times I was at Modern Yarn. All the patterns use the same yarn, Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, which could be easily substituted (Cascade Sierra was one choice I've found). There are some cute tops, skirts, dresses and even shorts and pants. My daughter picked out a skirt (unfortunately not the short one I had originally showed her) - a three tiered below the knee skirt and three colors of Cotton Fleece (orange, light pink and dark pink). The pattern has you making the front and back separately but since I hate sewing things up, I decided to do it all together on circulars. The bottom is done with a picot edge (which, once again the pattern has you sew up at the end). Hey, I can do a provisional cast on and then knit it up when ready to avoid more sewing. The edge of the skirt has been the most complicated part to date and I've even made it through all that stockinette in the round. Actually, I'm nearing the top of the skirt. The only sewing I will have to do is when I put the elastic in at the top. And we are both quite happy with how the colors have come out.


margene said...

Thank you for the post card from Busch Gardens! It sounds like a lovely place and hope Ernesto didn't bother you too much. The skirt sounds wonderful...can't wait to see it!

Carrie K said...

How annoying that the good shops were all closed! And the Ernesto had to pick your time away to visit.

Your daughter's skirt sounds cute and your modifications sound like it made knitting it up much easier. Why do all the designs rely so much on flat pieces sewn together? It's as if they don't think we can knit in the round or steek.