Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Wendy's Short Row Heel

Two words - LOVE IT!!! I made my first few pairs of socks with short row heels and wasn't all that fond of whatever method I had chosen so I switched to the heel flap. Slowly I perfected that to where I was happy with it. With my recent slump in sock knitting and all the ripping out I had been doing, I decided to try something different and settled on Wendy's Toe Up pattern. The sock on the left was done with that pattern and Sock Hop yarn - it fits like a dream. The Trekking sock on the right was started cuff down before the Sock Hop sock. When I reached the heel on that one I decided to do Wendy's short row heel again and it too fits wonderfully. Happiness.

On the spinning front - tada... 18 wpi. I think I'm ready to spin my own Sock Hop yarn. Now to just find the time.

As for the projects shown in the previous post - the knitting on the skirt is done and the elastic has been purchased. Knowing me, it will take me as long to sew the waistband down and put in the elastic as it did to knit it (which for those curious minds was slightly less than 3 weeks). And the Diamond Fantasy Shawl is moving along - slightly bigger than the picture.


Carole said...

I'm ready to try socks from my handspun, too. Good luck!

Teresa C said...

I looove short row heels and toes! They look great. And the toe up thing, it thrills me every time I do it.

amanda said...

Both socks look great with those short row heels! I've tried several techniques but always go back to the heel flap... maybe I should give short rows one more chance since I'm inspired by your success!

Karen said...

Oh boy! A new short row heel for me to try! :) I am on a perpetual quest for different short row heel options.

Your spinning looks great! Which colorway are you going to spin?

Dipsy D. said...

I haven't tried Wendy's Toe Up pattern yet, but I keep hearing/reading praise for it everywhere - it really must be perfect, so I'll just have to go and try it out myself!;) Your socks look fantastic with it, absolutely!
And so does your spinning, I'm looking forward to seeing your own Sock Hop Yarn! Happy knitting and spinning!

Sandysknitting said...

Your knitting is always so inspiring, Lisa, and now so is your spinning! :)
I cannot find your email anywhere in my folder (dang it all, I know it's there!) but I do believe I have forgotten a HUGE thing. A thank you.
Can you email me so I can email you?