Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hats Again

CeCe is coming along fine. I just added the sleeves so now each row takes a while, but at least I am slowly decreasing and I am still enjoying this knit. I will be taking a short break from CeCe to knit hats for the Boston Childrens’ Hospital. The information is over here at Mini’s blog.

This cause touches me because I have a friend whose son spent some time at this hospital just after he was born. Thankfully he was discharged and went home to his family and is now busy raising h-ll. He is a great kid and cracks me up everytime I see him. So I will make a hat – or two. I did have to buy some yarn for these hats since, if I do have some bits of fun fur in the stash, I couldn’t find them. But I figure this falls under the “gift” exception since the fun fur is a special request and these hats are for a special cause. I’m using the same pattern as Norma, the pattern from the Lion Brand website. It calls for one strand of Microspun held with one strand of the Fun Fur (I’m using the Fancy Fur just like Norma since it was on sale at Michaels for $2 a skein). Unfortunately the pattern did not specify a needle size, so I emailed Norma and she answered right back. Thanks! I cast on for the first hat at lunch and am moving right along. Although I will admit that I do miss working on CeCe.

Speaking of Norma, I do need to get the red scarf in the mail. I believe the deadline is the end of January – info over
here for those who need it. I also am unofficially joining the “Walk 100 miles by April 1st” group. I need to get back onto the treadmill but am also able to add some miles to the total with the addition of Bandit to our family. Bandit is out almost 7 year old husky mix that came from the local shelter right before Thanksgiving. She loves going for walks and I usually try to take her for one before I leave for work in the morning. I’m not a runner, but when I saw we could do our 100 miles in a variety of ways, I decided it would be a good incentive. Currently, I am up to 11.5 miles.


Anonymous said...

You go, Lisa! Hats and walking! Woot!

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

I cannot buy any yarn (YET), but I have been walking on the Kingston Bike path! :)