Friday, January 26, 2007

Oh, how I love productivity!

Last weekend was quite productive. I blocked CeCe (isn't she a beauty!) and now all I have left to do is find the perfect button. It's nice that I only need one button because I feel like I can splurge on a really special one if I need to. This is one pattern I would definitely do again - I love the one in the Coffee Bean Calmer that is shown on the pattern page.

My second Satisfaction sock was also finished. Let me tell you that the movie "Happy Feet" can't even compare to how great my new pair of socks are feeling on my feet. I know the true meaning of happy feet!
I have also joined my first sock swap - Bloomin' Feet. I will admit that I am quite nervous about getting the sock to fit correctly on someone else's foot. I know we have measurements, but I am used to trying on my sock to make sure it fits right. Let me ask a question of the seasoned veterans of sock swaps. Do I make the foot the length that was given me or do I make it a bit smaller to allow a little stretch?
I have ordered some special yarn for my pals' socks and am thinking of possibly trying this pattern. I figure the lace allows for some stretchiness which seems like a good thing when I'm making the socks for someone else that can't try them on as I go along. Plus, one of my resolutions for this year is to try some new sock patterns. I keep buying books of sock patterns and I love looking through them, but have not really made too many of them. Hopefully that will change this year.
As for my other goals - I amazed myself by NOT ordering any sock yarn for myself when I placed the order for the Bloomin' Feet yarn. I will admit it was close - I used all the arguments - I'll get free shipping if I order more, I've never tried this sock yarn before, it's been a really tough time and I need some yarn. But in the end, I submitted the order with just the Bloomin' Feet yarn. And you know what? I was really proud of myself! As for my other goal, I have been walking, both on the treadmill and outside with the dog. I need to drive the different routes that I walk with the dog so that I can accurately add up my mileage. But I think I'm pretty much on track with my goal of 8 miles per week.


a. said...

it sounds like you've started the year off on the right foot! i must admit to ordering *cough* a few skeins of yarn for myself when i ordered for my pal. speaking of the pattern!

your socks look fantastic! and you have been so productive!

oh and to answer your foot is 9" long and knit my socks to just a smidge under 9" so i have a wee bit of stretch.

Margene said...

CeCe looks fabulous. I'll knit her again (soon), too! Your socks look fabulous! My Satisfaction is so different from yours...isn't that fun?

kimberly said...

Your cece looks great-I'm putting that one on my list now.

Kimberly said...

That was me with the list-damn blogger-

Karen said...

Both your projects are just lovely! CeCe really came out nice! I bet you can't wait to wear it. And I love your Sock Hop socks. The one pair I have is the softest pair of socks I own. Enjoy yours!

Kathy said...

CeCe looks fabulous! I feel the same stress in knitting socks for others, but it will be fun to do Bloomin' Feet! Look forward to watching your progress.

Teyani said...

Love those socks- and we're delighted that you love the Satisfaction colorway. yoo hoo!