Thursday, February 22, 2007


Just a quick note as Internet time is rather expensive from the ship. This is definitely a different type of vacation for me. We are nearing the end of a Western Caribbean cruise and it has been a fun time. There is an excellent children's program on board and I can honestly say that my daughter has been involved in more activities than I have been. It has been unusual to have time to myself but I have been enjoying just sitting and knitting on the socks that I brought - one pair for myself and the other for my Bloomin' Feet pal - sometimes sipping a Lemon Drop martini. I think of Margene as I sip this drink as she was the one who introduced me to it. We also did some snorkeling and have plans to see some Mayan ruins tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone who sent good health vibes for my daughter before we left. It was a rather stressful time as I wasn't sure we were going on this trip almost up to the last minute. When we checked in at the ship, they handed me a health questionnaire with one question being if anyone has had a fever in the last two days. Of course, I didn't lie and we ended up waiting almost 2 hours to get cleared by the nurse. Believe me, there was quite a bit of time during that 2 hour wait that I wished I had lied. But all turned out well and we made it onto the ship. It will be hard to return to reality!

Oh, and by the way, CeCe has been a great cruising companion for this trip - going from casual to formal quite easily.


Carole Knits said...

It's great that you're having fun and getting some time to yourself, too!

Margene said...

Ah, you're so sweet to think of me...Carole introduced ME to the Lemon Drop so in turn you're thinking of her, too;-)
CeCe would be a fabulous knit to wear on a cruise. Sounds like you're having a grand time!

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Great to see that everyone could make the trip. Hope to see photos of CeCe in action!