Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Where's the Coffee

There must be some sort of stomach bug going around and I was up quite a lot with my daughter last night. I think I'll be calling the doctor's office when they open as this has been going for for a while now. I really need this:

I haven't taken any pictures of my projects this week, but I should have another finished baby sweater soon. I love knitting with chunky yarn. Also, I have been doing some sewing from this book. I have been making assembly line bibs. I think anne's right about the little baby things - it's too easy to just keep going with them (By the way, did you see the cute baby socks she just finished writing a pattern for?).

I have quite a stash of fabric from my quilting days so I have plenty to play with - although that didn't stop me from buying more fabric to start this Amy Butler bag. It's fun to be doing some sewing again. A friend pointed me to the blue blog to check out this book - Girls' Best Book of Knitting, Sewing, and Embroidery. This looks like a fun book for my daughter and there might be some good projects for the Brownie troop.


CrazyFiberLady said...

There's definitely a stomach bug out there. It just cleared through my house. Sorry your daughter has it. I hope she's better soon.

anne said...

oh i hope everyone is feeling better soon and that you get some rest tonight (or this afternoon!)

Ina said...

I've had the stomach bug - it's nasty. I hope your daughter is better soon and no one else succumbs.

Carrie K said...

That sweater is cute!

There's definitely a bug going around - we all three were sick and we don't catch many colds nowadays. I hope it's short duration!

Coffee! Yes! I had to forego my morning coffee for a few hours for a fasting hard.

Norma said...

Oh, thankfully I almost never get stomach bugs (knock wood). But seeing your mug makes me all sad....mine like that has a big chip in it right where I would drink from, and I think Amy doesn't have any of them left. Darn.

I hope you're better SOONest, so you can enjoy your coffee. :)

Norma said...

Oh! That's what I get for's your daughter, not you. Hopefully YOU didn't get it too.....:)