Friday, February 29, 2008

A New Craft Blog is in the Neighborhood

My grrlfriend Elaine, better known as my partner in crime since we are both quite good at enabling each other in our craft endeavors, has started a blog. I know she would love for you to go and take a look, but first, I'd like to show you just a few pictures of things she has made for me over the years. Elaine loves doing many different kinds of crafts - sewing, knitting, beading are just a few - so you will get to see all sorts of fun projects on her blog. Here is a dress she made for my daughter.

Can you see the details of the smocking?

Elaine also made me this beautiful bag out of silk dupioni and it is also smocked at the top. It holds a mess of knitting notions.

She also does awesome bead work - an ankle bracelet on the left and a bracelet on the right.

I wish I could show you better how sparkly the beads are:

One thing you can guarantee about Elaine is that she is very particular about her work - she does a great job on everything and won't give away a handmade gift unless she is absolutely happy with every detail. She is a great inspiration and I know you will enjoy seeing what she has to show you so go over and take a look at Miss L's Craft Room.


Carole Knits said...

We can always use a new craft blog! The smocking is beautiful.

Ina said...

Wow, great smocking! I never got past those Christmas ball kits. It's always nice to welcome another blogger to the blogosphere.

Miss L's Craft Room said...

Geez, Lisa. I thought you were going to slap a link on your page for me. Thanks for the intro. I forgot about that dress. Nice to see it's still being loved.
Elaine aka PICC (Partner In Craft Crime) :)