Friday, February 08, 2008

WIP Wed ... oops ... Friday

It's been one of those weeks that is so busy, I can't even keep the days straight. Thank goodness for day planners so I can see what I have to get done each day. Last weekend was spent doing table sales selling these, then I had to make a king cake for my husband's Mardi Gras party at work. This is the recipe I used and it came out really well. It was my first time making this and it wasn't hard at all.
There has even been some crafting going on. I sent off this baby gift to my daughter's teacher. The bibs I showed last time along with a scalloped baby blanket also from Bend the Rules Sewing.
She ended up having a boy so I will finish up the blue striped sweater I showed in my B post and that will also go off to her. It looks pretty much the same as last time except I am working on the second sleeve.
Other sewing projects have included this bag - it just needs some topstitching to finish it off. The pattern is Amy Butler's Frenchy Bag.

I totally crashed and burned on the spinning goals for January - you can see my poor neglected wheel in the above picture. I know that I need to do better - especially since my stash of fiber is getting larger instead of smaller. I also signed up for the new Project Spectrum - February and March focus on the element of Fire and since I can't bring myself to start a new knitting project right now (too many things on the needles), I pulled out my Wing of the Moth shawl. I love the pattern but I knit so slowly with the Kid Silk Haze. I think it is because I have this fear that if I make a mistake, it will be close to impossible to fix given the nature of this fiber. As I was thinking about this, the answer hit me. I need to put in a life line so that I will have something to fall back to if indeed I do make an unfixable error.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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Carole Knits said...

We had king cake at work this week and it was delicious!