Friday, February 15, 2008

What to do for C

Once again, I thought of several different options for C and finally settled on cards.

I've been making handmade cards for quite a number of years - probably at least the past 12 years or so.

They mostly involve rubber stamping but there are plenty of other elements you can add to your handmade cards - ribbons, paint, tags, leaves, metal buckles.

You can swap cards among friends where each month you make cards for the other people in the group and then you get a card from each of them (although I'm late with making my card this month, right Elaine!!). We even go to conventions where you can see all sorts of creative things.

Hope you enjoy my C post. Now I better get busy and make my cards for my February swap!


Carole Knits said...

I'm lucky enough to have received cards from you!

Margene said...

I recognize a couple of cards you sent to me in a swap. Your cards are beautifully done!

Anonymous said...

First thing I thought of when I saw you posting cards was "Hey...where is my February card?" Can I pick from this list? Maybe I can pick for interest. :)

Karen said...

Wow, there is so much detail in them. Very nice!