Friday, October 28, 2005

A Proud Mama

What's this - a picture? Yes, the lovely, generous and very talented Jennifer of The Spirit Trail took this photo of my daughter by Jen's booth at Rhinebeck. This bright pink merino, silk, angora (? gotta find that label...) roving was purchased at Cummington this past May from Jen's booth. It was a joy to spin and soooo soft! Then I had to figure out what to do with it and after reading about One Skein Wonders for children here, I decided that would be the perfect thing to make. I know I may be a little biased but I just love this picture - thanks Jen!

And my daughter was named Student of the Week this week in her class at kindergarten. What I wonder sometimes is how I can be so proud of her one minute and then tearing my hair out the next? This morning we were getting ready for school and I was helping her put her tights on when to my surprise I noticed that she had written her name in pen - her first name on the bottom of one foot and her last name on the bottom of the other. Where do they get these ideas? Actually it was pretty funny and I wasn't mad - just amazed.


Maureen said...

What an adorable little shrug and adorable little girl. Look forward to seeing what mittens you will be knitting.

Carola said...

I never understood this one-skein-wonder hype, but now.. It looks so cute on your daughter! However, the weather doesn't look like you need to join a mitten KAL. But I'm looking forward to seeing you mittens anyway. Blog on!