Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Some details

A friend just stopped by for a brief visit. We met in our breast feeding support group when our girls were infants and joined the same playgroup. 5+ years later and we are still great friends - she was the youngest mom in our playgroup and I was the oldest, but we still found a lot in common and I rely on her for my sanity. She was one of the few people I could call at 6AM since I knew her daughter was an early riser too. The girls are good friends too and play together very well.

Speaking of friends and sanity, our knitting group at work met today for our lunchtime escape. Pauline is working on a felted bag and realized that she couldn't get much farther decreasing on the circular needles she was using. She didn't have any dps with her but just happened to have another circular and Elaine and I were able to show her how to use the 2 circulars to knit in the round. She finished the bag and is now onto the i-cord. Elaine's working on socks and I'm working on a baby sweater. Elaine is my one hope for a local spinning buddy. She was actually the one looking at spinning wheels and I was like no way - why would I do that when I can go out and buy yarn!! One year later and she has a rigid heddle loom and I have my beautiful Rose. And I love playing with fiber. And yes, I still buy yarn.

For anyone who was wondering what I am thinking of doing once my Corriedale batt is spun - this and this are both possibilities. I did finish knitting the fingerless mittens out of Blue Sky 100% alpaca sportweight. Wonderful stuff to work with and I think I'd like a pair for myself. Psst...I actually did buy some for myself (paprika and green like in the pattern picture). Maybe I should just cast on for those.

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