Friday, January 13, 2006


1. Send anyone who visits here over to this post at Norma's blog to read about a worthy cause - knitting scarves for foster children who are in college. She writes about it much better than I ever could so, please, go and read. And maybe put aside your current project and pick up your needles and cast on a scarf. They don't have to be red, but should be suitable for a young man or woman. I found some Mountain Colors that should be ok so this item is done (except of course for the knitting which I will start). Check.

2. Show this picture which reveals how well I have treated myself lately.

My holiday shopping for books this year was of the following variety - one book for you, one book for me. Plus there was the day at B&N that a percentage of the sales went to my daughter's school. How could I not shop then!! As you can see, I like socks (and mittens). I had taken Ann Budd's book out of the library so many times, I decided it was time for my own copy. And I just threw in Stitch 'n Bitch since I've heard so much about it. Somewhere in my blog wanderings there was a KAL where each month you took a pattern from one of your many books (that maybe you haven't looked at so much) and started knitting it. That's a really good idea since sometimes I buy the books and then life gets overcome by events and I don't look at them for quite a while. Anyway - reveal gluttony of book purchases. Check.

3. The update for Cara was done quickly last night since she needed it by 8:00. Check.

4. My friend Connie has been asking me for a picture of the Charlotte's Web shawl that I knit last year. I haven't finished the edges (either fringe or crochet) since I haven't decided to whom I am gifting it. I'm sorry but I still haven't taken a picture - maybe I can get my daughter to pose with it. I'll have to ask her when she wakes up. Can't check this off but I can tell Connie that I am once again enjoying the wonderful coffee you sent as I am typing this post.

5. Show the beginnings of the latest project. I've written before that I joined this KAL, but perhaps I haven't made it clear that I am quite intimidated by it. So, I decided to start the hat. Someone has already made it in Jaeger Shetland Aran and I have plenty of this yarn leftover from the Girlfriend's Sweaters so I took the plunge. The first obstacle was the tubular cast-on which was a disaster when I tried to do it in the round. So, I started it on straight needles (sorry for the blurry picture, but you can see the purls bumps that I have to pick up).

On the row where I needed to pick up the purl bumps, I switched to my dps. I will admit that this cast-on gives a nice edge, but it does take a while. So here is my progress to this point.

I think this ribbing will take a while. Maybe it's the aluminum needles or the fact that you have to knit each stitch twisted, but this is the first time my hands have ever started hurting after knitting for a while. Guess I could go shopping and see if bamboo needles would be better. Check.

6. Tell about my daughter's accomplishments in gymnastics during yesterday's practice. She participates in Level 2 Team at our local Y (this level consists of 4-7 years olds that have already perfected some of their skills from taking general gymnastics classes). She actually did her back walkover on the ground! They start by doing them on a wedge so that it's easier for them to get over. She was working so hard and it was so exciting when she finally got it. I'm so proud of her! Check.

7. OK, so I'm off to start a scarf for a worthy cause. Why don't you join me!! (End this post on a positive note - Check.)


Carole said...

I'm making one of those scarves in memory of my mom because Valentine's Day was her favorite holiday.

Norma said...

First off, congrats to your daughter for her gymnastics accomplishments, and congrats to her mom, too.

Second. WOW, that is quite the lovely selection of new books!

And third: thank you for the kind words AND for doing your own scarf for the project. :)