Monday, January 23, 2006

Monday morning

My "somewhat red" scarf in Mistake Rib is now packaged up and ready to be sent off for The Red Scarf Project. Here is a picture of it in the final stages. The Mountain Colors wool is a nice yarn to knit.

After finishing the scarf I moved on to the pieces of my Moriah's Wildflower Cardigan from the Green Mountain Spinnery. I am knitting this in their Mountain Mohair that I picked up at Cummington last year. The pieces are now all finished and the shoulders need to be sewn and the collar worked before I can block the pieces. I couldn't resist and I started another project - a sweater for my daughter. I am making this sweater out of the most fantastic yarn - Malabrigo. Try it - you won't believe how soft this stuff is - I think I'm in love. This instant Malabrigo love was mentioned briefly by someone else and now I know what she meant.

And Connie - this next picture is for you. My Charlotte's Web shawl which is waiting for an edging:

I was so happy that my Secret Pal enjoyed her first package. Apparently we have both joined the Knitting Olympics - big surprise there. ALOT of people are signing up for this. I am planning on trying some fairisle colorwork - either a hat or mittens. I already have Frostrosen and have ordered 2 hat kits and will most likely choose one of these projects. This leads into something else I have joined. How could I resist?? And you get this button - which describes me to a tee. I admit it - I have absolutely no willpower.


Rosemary said...

I used to love to knit and crochet. Unfortunately, I did not know how to make anything, and I could not find any kits. I'm afraid I may have forgetten how to now!

Your work looks beautiful. I'm sure they will truly enjoy them. Have a nice day.

Carole said...

Your scarf is beautiful and the recipient will be lucky to have it.

Norma said...

The scarf is wonderful and I know it will be appreciated. Great work!

I love Mountain Colors, too.