Friday, January 27, 2006

A very special anniversary

January 29th marks a very special moment - the day I became a mom. I wrote the following to put in my daughter's scrapbook and to remind me that this is not only her birthday, but also an anniversary for me.

Today is not only your birthday, it is also my special day of becoming a mother…. Motherhood is a choice that permanently alters the way we view ourselves and the universe. It is the moment when we make a commitment to truly care for another human being. This vow goes beyond words or ceremony. This vow is etched in our cells and knitted in our heart. This day marks a moment when I begin my understanding of true unconditional love. I pray that I will always have the strength and the knowledge to help you as you grow and learn.

Happy Birthday to my special girl.


Carole said...

What a beautiful sentiment! I'm not sure I grasped all of that when I became a mom 13 years ago. Happy Birthday to your daughter!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter!

Your SP