Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I'm Baaack

Being away two out of the past three weeks has definitely taken it's toll. I got to celebrate my birthday in Disney - even got a birthday hug and kiss from Tigger. Then it was home for a week and then off to New Jersey to visit my parents, my sister and her family. I even got to go to the S 'n B night at Modern Yarn where I saw Risa and met some wonderful woman including Ina who has her blog here. And now I'm home and tired - it's good to be home.

I did break down and buy some yarn - guess I used one of my exceptions for SOS. I bought some Claudia's Handpainted for my KSKS pal, some Euroflax Linen and some Cascade Sierra. I've been unsuccessfully looking for the Euroflax ever since I saw the towels in the Mason Dixon book. One of the skeins may be for my One Skein pal since I bought two of the eggplant color and her favorite color is purple. I also bought this book and bought the Cascade Sierra to make this for my daughter. Although now she tells me she wants one of the skirts instead so I may need to do some more shopping. And speaking of shopping, I actually left a yarn store without buying a single thing. I kept asking myself if I really needed anything and the answer was NO. Maybe this SOS thing is really working.

Tomorrow I hope to have pictures of the wonderful "blue" package sent to me by Bev, my Project Spectrum Postcard pal for June.


margene said...

Welcome back! Thank you so much for your lovely gift! The stamp could not be more perfect.

Norma said...

Welcome back! I guess we all feel the same way about the Euroflax from Ann & Kay's book. I need to get my hands on some. Glad you had a good time.