Monday, July 17, 2006

There's Been Some Spinning Goin' On

It still amazes me that one can go from this

to this

Or maybe it just amazes me that I can do it. I have been spinning this fiber - Merino/Tencel from The Sheep Shed - for the July skein for my One Skein pal. The color is called Sunrise and it really looks just like that. I loved watching the colors as I spun the singles and plying it was even better as I watched the colors come together. I hope she likes it.

I also mentioned that Bev had sent me a package for the Project Spectrum Postcard Exchange.

Some soft blue fiber, a skein of Fixation, handmade turquoise and silver stitch markers (thank you Bev for that bit of New Mexico), wonderful smelling lavender (I really love that smell - it's so relaxing), blue nail polish, Altoids, and 2 beautiful watercolor postcards. I had been feeling a bit low and Bev's package helped cheer me up. Thank you Bev for a great June swap!

The reason I had been feeling a bit low is that I haven't heard from my KSKS pal. I know, I signed up because it'll be fun to put a kit together for my pal and it's always a crap shoot of whats going to happen on the other end. And I can't take it personally - but it's still a bummer. Anyway, I hadn't posted the questions/answers because I hadn't heard from anyone, but I guess I'll post them anyway. They tell a little more about me.

The Questionnaire:
What are your favorite colors? I’ve always liked greens and “fall” colors but thanks to Project Spectrum, I have been having fun playing with all the colors. However, I don’t do a lot of white or black.

Are you a new sock knitter? How long have you been knitting socks? I have been knitting socks for quite a few years, but haven’t experimented with patterns as much as I should (considering I buy almost every sock pattern book that comes out).

Do you prefer solid or multicolored yarn? Both have their uses but currently I really enjoy the hand dyed sock yarn that is available now.

What fibers do you prefer in sock yarn? Mainly wool

Where do you usually knit socks? Everywhere…

How do you usually carry/store small projects? I have small bags that I stuff into larger bags.

What are your favorite sock knitting patterns? As I said above, I have so many patterns, but tend to stick to a plain stockinette sock – maybe because it’s easy to remember and I don’t have to carry around a pattern with me.

What are your favorite sock knitting techniques? Ummmm… - finishing them. I don't like knitting with more than one yarn for socks.

What new techniques would you like to try? I’d like to experiment with some different heels and toes.

Do you prefer circulars or dpns for sock knitting? dpns

What are some of your favorite yarns? Lorna’s Laces, STR, Fleece Artist

What yarn do you totally covet? Right now, I’d like to get my hands on some Vesper or Sock Hop yarns

Any pattern you would love to make if money and time were no object? Maybe socks from the Fleece Artist cashmere although I’d probably be afraid to wear them

Favorite kind of needles (brand, materials, straights or circs, etc)? Dpns – Crystal Palace, Clover But in the 6 inch length (the 7’s are too long for socks)

If you were a specific kind of yarn, which brand and kind of yarn would you be? Handspun – bumpy in places, sometime slightly over twisted

Do you have a favorite candy or mail-able snack? Tootsie Rolls are yummy (I wonder if they’d melt???)

What’s your favorite animal? I don’t think I have a favorite animal – I like giraffes and of course sheep and alpacas for obvious reasons

Do you have pets? What are their species/names/ages? Currently we have fish

If you were a color what color would you be? Probably green

Describe your favorite shirt (yours or someone else’s).. right now it’s got to be my t-shirt with the sheep knitting on a sock

What is your most inspiring image, flower, or object in nature? Hmmmm….

Tell me the best quote you’ve ever heard or read. “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

Do you have a wishlist? No

Anything else you’d like to share with the group today? No


margene said...

Maybe she's just waiting to surprise you big time! Hope she comes up to the plate for you. In the mean time have fun spoiling your pal.
I too have grown to respect more colors because of PS.

Helen said...

Very nice job on the spinning! I'm always in awe of people who can get it so fine and even. :)

amanda said...

Your spinning looks great! I love the sheen that the tencel gives the yarn.

Anonymous said...

Oh, don't feel abandoned! I'm so sorry - I was (very) sick for a bit there. I will be emailing you very soon - I hope you're excited. I know I am :)

Anonymous said...

Er, that should have been signed, your sock kit pal!

Ina said...

I'm sorry your parents' house has a tree on/in it! I assume that means they're without power, too - hope they're holding up OK. Can they stay in the house? Or would they rather not? Email me if they could use a hot supper delivered or suchlike.

Apparently the worst damage was on Cooper Avenue (pictured on my blog), although the only total loss I've heard of is on Yantacaw Brook Road. Clean up is rather uneven - some trees are already just cross-sections neatly piled at the curb, others remain where they fell.

Traffic is a nightmare, but at often a bicycle can go where a car cannot.