Monday, July 31, 2006

Houston, We Have A Bag

Unfortunately, blogger seems to be having a problem with pictures this morning so we may not be able to show you the bag. The one I had finished last week was a little too short so I made another one from the same materials. I did the buttonhole (yeah me) and inserted a drawstring. I used one of those closure things that you push down on and then slide the cord through. I also made a little notions case and just need to decide on the closure for that - either a snap or maybe a button with an elastic loop to go over it. My goal is to get my KSKS package out this week.

I also received a great package from
Ina. I met Ina at the S'nB at Modern Yarn a few weeks ago and sent her some STR paraphanalia. She sent me back some wonderful things - a felted tomato (see them on her site here), beautiful STR roving (color Rooster Rock in Wensleydale Top), Tootsie Rolls and Pocari Sweat (a lemon drink mix that Ina says is delicious - I'll be making it this week as it is supposed to be a hot one!). The felted tomato is excellent as I didn't plant any real tomatoes this year and now I have an absolutely perfect one. And STR roving - how cool is that. I've always wanted to check out their roving. Thank you Ina - fiber people really are the best!

This summer has turned out to be a lot about spinning. I finished the 4 oz. of the
BFL that I had mentioned previously. My woolen spinning is definitely not as smooth and even as my worsted spinning, but I definitely did get a thicker yarn. My daughter wants a hat this winter so we'll see how it comes out. The good thing about making a hat is that if she doesn't like it, I'll have an item for Dulaan. On the wheel, we now have some roving from Crown Mountain Farms in The Beat Goes On. I'm doing a little sample first as there is plenty of fiber - 8 oz. of hand dyed superwash merino. And I'm trying for sock yarn.

On the flip side, this summer has definitely not turned into a summer of socks. I have been ripping out socks instead of finishing them. I just wasn't happy with my second pair of Jaywalkers and even though I was almost done with one, I ripped it out. Just couldn't see myself making another. I also ripped out my Pomatomus sock - but not because I didn't like it. I loved it but it was coming out a little bit too small for me. Usually I'd just keep on and make it for someone else, but this is STR in Fred Flintstone and these are for me. So, I'll bump up to a size 2 which means I get to use my Bryspun needles. Hopefully I'll be able to show you some pictures next time. Stay cool!!

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margene said...

I too got some superwash roving from Teyani and some BFL from Amy. Spinning sock yarn is in my near future!