Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Just Pictures

Here are the pictures that wouldn't load yesterday. First the wonderful gift from Ina. Isn't that a great tomato!! And I love the colors of the roving. Thanks again.

And here's a shot of the bag and the notions case for my KSKS pal.

My finished BFL.

And the new roving that is now on the wheel - The Beat Goes On.

This roving is really fun to spin and I'll show my sample when it's done. Unfortunately, it's supposed to be VERY hot this week so I'm not sure how much spinning will actually take place. Try to stay cool!


Carole said...

Love that roving! I really need to get some of that!

amanda said...

What a cute tomato! And the roving is beautiful...I don't think I've spun that colorway yet so needless to say, I can't wait to see yours!

Ina said...

Glad you like your goodies! Beauteous spinning!

margene said...

Pretty rovings! I think all I can see these days are rovings. LOL

Karen said...

I love the new rovings. I can't wait to see sock hop one spun up. Love that stuff!
That tomato is too cute!