Sunday, August 20, 2006


There was some knitting related activities during my recent day in New York City. But the day started out with a ride on a ferris wheel. Did you know there is an indoor ferris wheel in midtown Manhattan? It's in the Toys R Us store in Times Square and as soon as my daughter saw it, of course we had to go for a ride. And after the ride, we had to look through the huge toy store. Then we walked over to 5th Avenue stopping at various street vendors along the way. The destination was the American Girl Place which may have been a bad choice on my part since I had no intention of buying my daughter an American Girl doll. Lunch at the cafe was considered but I knew neither one of us would eat $22 worth of food so that wasn't really an option. But she had it set in her mind that we had to go there, so we did. And we looked. We, or rather I, watched people spending ALOT of money. And I did have to say no rather often. I actually do own one of the dolls and am considering passing it on to my daughter once I see that she can take good care of it. With this in mind, I let her pick out an outfit.

Then it was getting time for lunch so I offered her a choice - the cafe at The Point or lunch at Macy's. The answer was the knitting cafe so off we set to take the subway down to The Point. I had checked on the Internet and read that, in addition to desserts, the cafe also served sandwiches, soups and quiche. So, I was rather disappointed when we got there and found out that they only serve desserts. Lunch ended up being a cupcake and a piece of coffee cake along with iced coffee and water. Oh well. But we did enjoy looking around and we picked out some yarn for a hat and scarf for my daughter. And I found a great "I (heart) to knit" t-shirt. Since we were downtown, I figured we may as well head on over to Purl. It was wonderful. Let me just say that I've wanted to see Koigu Kersti ever since I saw the child's sweater pattern in Last Minute Knitted Gifts which is made out of that yarn. And Purl has Koigu Kersti. And now I have the materials for my daughter's winter sweater. 'Nuff said. Purl also has some Lorna's Laces sock yarn dyed just for them - each skein is 2 colors. White and a solid that stripe. The sample they had looked great. Purl has a lot of yarn in a small space and I would definitely like to come back again. And also spend more time in their fabric store which is a few shops away from the yarn store. I took a quick peek inside and saw beautiful colors, but we needed to head on back to midtown.

I flagged down a cab (my first time actually doing that myself) and we headed on up to Macy's for some lunch and clothes shopping. We got back to my parents house around dinner time, exhausted but happy. During my visit to my parents house, I also visited Modern Yarn and Stix-n-Stitches so I think this means that I am a Summer of Stash dropout. But I had fun and my daughter picked out some yarn so she can make herself a scarf. We are taking turns knitting the rows and already have about 8 inches finished.


Carole said...

You're bringing up your daughter right, obviously!

margene said...

Glad you checked in...I've been thinking about you the last couple of days. Sounds like a lovely trip!

CrazyFiberLady said...

Sounds like a fun trip through NYC. When did you do this? I hit two of those stops this past Friday, Purl and The Point with Modern Yarn on Saturday! I wonder if we just missed each other.