Friday, August 25, 2006

Another Catch Up Post

More traveling this week - we took a few days and visited Storyland in North Conway, NH. It's a great smaller amusement park for the younger kids and is very family oriented. We went with a good friend and her two kids and had a great time. As I've mentioned before, I always bring a small project to work on when I go to places like this. There is always some prime knitting time while we are waiting in lines and on this trip, I had my Sock Hop sock along for the ride. Usually people just stare and point and maybe whisper (in a good way) - very rarely do they say anything directly to me. But this time several people asked me about what I was working on and thought it was cool. I was really hoping to bump into a fellow knitter so I could show off the awesome Sock Hop yarn - but that didn't happen. I kept thinking that it would have been neat to bump into Cate and her kids since I think I read that she has brought them to Storyland in the past. Anyway, it was a great couple of days away.

In my last post I mentioned that I am a Summer of Stash dropout. I also told Margene that I must also declare myself a Trekking dropout. That Sock Hop yarn just muscled the Trekking sock right out of my knitting bag. It is wonderful to work with and the fact that it is handspun still thrills me! I really need to practice on my Crown Mountain Farms roving so I can make socks with my handspun.

There was a wonderful box waiting for me when I returned from NJ. MY KSKS package! My pal was Rebecca from Bellamoden. From the quick bits of reading I've been able to do on her blog, I see that she has had a really tough summer so I'd like to give her a big hug and thanks for taking the time to put together a wonderful swap package. I hope she had a great pal who spoiled her as much as she did me! Check this out.

A beautiful felted bag with a great flower pin attached to the front. Koigu in the most beautiful shades of autumn. Fall is my most favorite season and these skeins look just like a huge pile of leaves - the kind you can't resist jumping into. Needles and a pattern (Railroad Rib socks) that I can't wait to try. I think I may order this pattern for my Yarn Aboard sock pal since she knits her socks in a heavier weight yarn and this pattern has the instructions for fingering, sport and worsted weight yarns. Sugar and Cream cotton - also in wonderful fall shades, a cute giraffe stamp and Tootsie Rolls (which my daughter is trying to convince me must be for her). Thank you Rebecca for taking the time to make this so special - especially when I know this hasn't been an easy summer for you!

I leave you with a picture of The Point. Unfortunately I totally spaced out and didn't take any pictures at Purl. Oh, and go over wish Sandy a Happy Birthday!


CrazyFiberLady said...

whew. now I don't feel so bad about dropping out of both as well. And to think I had it in mind that I could whip out them trekking socks too. But oo la la, that sock hop yarn is awful purty.

margene said...

A very nice package from your pal! It amazing how people can pull it together even when life is full of bumps. You know, if I wasn't the leader of the Trekking pack I may not have finished either. Bumps in the road can often throw you off track and Sock Hop is a big bump in the road!

Karen said...

What a great package you got! I love the colorways of the yarn and that bag is so cute!

I totally understand about the sock hop yarn winning out over other sock yarn. That stuff is YUMMY!