Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I Can Get Some Satisfaction

After ripping out two socks, I really wasn't feeling it for the sock knitting. In fact, I felt like I had lost my sock mojo. That was originally going to be the title for this post - Lost: Sock Mojo. Then I received some really special yarn (and it had to be for socks). I wanted to try something other than my usual cuff down, flap heel sock so I searched through my books and pulled out Wendy Knits! with her toe up sock pattern. And this weekend, by the shores of the lake at the Maple Park Campgrounds, I started this:

I think I've found my sock knitting mojo once again (hope I haven't jinxed myself with that statement). In case you couldn't tell from the title of the post, this is Satisfaction Sock Hop yarn from Crown Mountain Farms. I can't explain the feelings I had when I first held this yarn in my hands - definitely more than a little bit of awe and a feeling of kinship with the person that had spun this yarn. Knitting with this yarn is just awesome - it's so soft and springy. It's hard to find the words to describe the joy I am feeling when I use this yarn. I guess you need to try it for yourself!!

My spinning has been hampered by the humid weather we've been having. Last week, I would sit down to spin and would end up dripping sweat within a few minutes - not pleasant!! I did manage to spin a little bit of the Sock Hop roving and it looks like I need to try and spin a little bit finer.

I'm averaging about 13-14 wpi and I'd like to get somewhere around 15-17 wpi. Hopefully this week will be a bit less humid and I'll find some time to try again.

I also managed to get my KSKS gift out before we went camping.

Two skeins of Claudia's Handpaints, a bag of Amy's fiber for socks (my pal is also a spinner and has an awesome spindle collection), the bag and a notions case filled with needles, a crochet hook, an orange Chibi set, a great holder for keeping your project secure on double pointeds, and a emory board (because I hate having a nail that snags on my yarn). I also included chocolate and some hand cream along with two patterns - one I bought for her and one free one. My pal was Lara from Spinny Bunt Knits (but don't tell her as she may not have received the package yet). It should be arriving sometime this week and I hope she likes it.


margene said...

Your pal will be thrilled. I have some Satifaction in my stash and hope it lives up to its name when I start to spin it;-)

Jane said...

I covet the Sock Hop yarn, too! That's a gorgeous color.

beverly said...

Looks like a fabu kit!